TES Fest 2018 – Call for Presenters is Open

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TES Fest 2018 – Confirmed Presenters thus far:

 Andra Poloutropon

Andra Poloutropon is a New York City based rigger who enjoys doing floorwork transitions. A self-proclaimed “style whore,” he is fascinated by the myriad styles of tying and encourages others to make their own way rather than blindly following a single style as dogma. In addition to style, he holds an abiding interest in rope handling and is dedicated to helping people understand “why” various decisions are made in rope bondage. As a teacher, he has been described as having a talent for seeing things from other people’s perspectives and explaining things in ways that make it accessible to others.


An avid aficionado of rope since discovering kink more than five years ago. Her journey has taken her from bottom to self-tier to top over that same period of time. Since starting to tie, she helped found a Rope Bite and a Hitchin’ Bitches chapter in her hometown of Kalamazoo, MI. Since moving to Philadelphia she has spent her time honing her skills and developing her own style of rope in order to create challenging and beautiful positions for her and her bottom to enjoy. She enjoys all things rope, from the sensual to the sadistic to the down-right ridiculous, and all of this has led to a desire to share her hobby with others. As an educator by trade, Belle- doesn’t believe in teaching any one specific style but listening to her students’ desires and needs with rope and tailoring their education to those desires.


Bosch has been tying people up for well over a decade now. Sometimes making it look pretty, sometimes making it hurt, but always enjoying himself in the process. In his vanilla life, he is a music teacher, a web designer, a father, a very kind and generous guy. In his non-vanilla life he is still all those things, but is not afraid of showing his dominant, sadistic side to those who appreciate that sort of thing. He loves kinky antiques, and is a bookseller specializing in erotic books 100+ years old.



BoundToFly is an out Gay Leatherman and HIV Activist who has found his passion in Shibari aka Japanese rope bondage. His roots are in the gay Leather world and considering his passion for rock climbing, it seems inevitable that rope bondage would be a natural fit. But it took the passion, energy and connection of Shibari and Kinbaku for it to click. He’s privileged to share his life with NJWaterDog and to dance between the gay Leather and pansexual BDSM worlds, as well as between the NY/NJ and Philadelphia scenes. BoundToFly is a co-organizer of NJ Rope Bite and is the founder of G-rope (a male only rope space). He may be found out and about at play parties, performing, or teaching for where he flags red Jute left.


About 8 years ago Giotto found a passion for rope and set out to master it. He has an obsession with making the finest quality bondage rope in the world. Giotto has a passion for teaching beginners. He prides himself on his ability to breakdown a tie or skill into small digestible parts and not leaving any student behind. He loves to see his students quickly progress and share what they learn with others. Giotto is a rope maker, kink educator, and performer. He is obsessed with making the finest quality bondage rope in the world, sharing his passion for rope with his students, and performing. He and his partners perform regularly in Houston and at events and cons across the country. His ties were also featured in a music video. Giotto’s tying style is uniquely his own! He loves flowing through fast moving suspensions filled with transitions into torsions and fantastic shapes with his partner. For Giotto, rope is not about the rope, but about the connection it creates with his bottom, and the story they tell the audience together.

 Lord Ramirez  

Lord Ramirez has been active in BDSM for over 20 years. In addition to serving as a BDSM educator, he has also fetish performer in Goth and Fetish nightclubs. As a BDSM educator he has taught for groups including TIED, Tidewater Pride, Crimson Phoenix, CAPEX, CUFF, CoDe and Amatorius. Events he has presented at include Black Phoenix’s Winter Solstice, APEX Summer Bash, The DC GRUE, The Winter Fetish Fleamarket, Frolicon, NDD/s Boot Camp, Charm City Fetish Fair, Madtown Kinkfest, Primal Arts Festival, Rochester Kink Society’s Mega Bash, Beat Me in St Louis, and Floating World.  In addition to teaching for BDSM groups he has also provided workshops and BDSM outreach for Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Anime groups at their national events. He is a member of Fallout and was a charter member Crimson Phoenix and helped found and run another of his local groups, Amatorius.  Outside of the lifestyle Ramirez is active with the vampyre community and involved with the establishment of several vampyre organizations. He has an extensive martial arts background, and a strong interest in Japanese culture. Ramirez is also a retired open professional ballroom dance championship finalist, teacher, and Ballroom competition judge.


I am a dominant, sadistic, polyamorous, professional-fitness-monster-world-champion-athlete, anarcho-syndicalist, vegetarian, former music growler, radical lawyer. Lifetime lifestyle leaning type with over a decade of experience living down this rabbit hole with a tendency for M/s TPE 24/7 type of connections which are designed to better both.  I teach and write on topics of kink and the law, polyamory and power exchange and whatever strikes my fancy or the community asks me for.

  Ms LolaSmiles  

Ms. Lola Smiles is a Latina Femdom Fatale from Long Island NY and has been in the lifestyle for 25 years. Ms. Lola has been a pro dom for the past 5 years and is very active in the LI & NYC Scene. She is one of the only female event promoters on LI and heads up SCK Events.  SCK Events hosts munches and a variety of events and parties on LI and NYC.  SCK’s mantra is – Corrupting the World one vanilla at a time.®


Okie has been involved in the public BDSM community for 19 years and the leather community for 17. He has held the following leather titles: Oklahoma Mr. Leather 2000, Mr. Great Plains Olympus 2005 and International Mr. Olympus International 2006 as well as being the 1st Openly Identified Heterosexual to compete at International Mr. Leather in 2000. He has written over 77 articles for The Leather Journal, The Leather Page, Fetbot, The Dominant’s View The Leather Web and Kinbaku Today. In 2002, David was awarded a Pantheon Award for Community Service in the South Central Region. Okie has held many posts throughout his years: board member, fundraiser and leather contest producer for local, regional and national organizations. He has presented well over 100 classes and day long intensives  about alternative sexuality. He is an avid rope enthusiast with a passion for Kinbaku and has studied extensively in Tokyo, Japan and throughout the United States. David has worked with the following photographers: Dirk Hooper, Sugiura Norio, Barelight, Janet Ryan, Captivating Image, Anthelian and Aeolis Est.

 Orpheus Black  

Orpheus Black – the 2016 Southwest Leather Master title holder – is a published author and erotic educator specializing in hierarchical dynamics, non-monogamous relationships and alternative sexual encounters. This two-time Bawdy Storytelling champion has been traveling the country teaching his fun and light-hearted educational events for more than a decade. Orpheus is a regular presenter at DomConLA and is the founder of Cirque de Sade – a high profile group of Dominants whose mission is to advance the art of BDSM through a commitment to innovation, excellence, and active leadership in the D/s, M/s, and fetish communities. Indigo Black, wife and property of Sir Orpheus Black, has been not only a sub and slave to Orpheus, but also his lifelong companion and inspiration. Her journey into BDSM and the fetish lifestyle began when she volunteered to be Orpheus’ bottom and submissive in early 2000. Like Orpheus, Indigo got her start co- hosting the Severe Society radio show. Soon after that, Orpheus and indigo began their dark journey onto the fetish stages, performing at countless Hollywood hotspots such as the Viper Room, Club Blue, the Music Box, and Dragonfly, to name just a few. Together the 2014 and 215 SoCal Leather Master / slave title holders continue to travel the country entertaining , educating and enlightening communities across the country.

 Sir Vice

Sir Vice is an active member of the BDSM community with 10 years experience and manages Limits Unleashed LLC – a personal coaching service oriented for those in alternative lifestyles. He conducts research and mentors others across various aspects of the BDSM & kink lifestyle culture. Specific expertise includes Power Exchange and related relationship dynamics (D/s & M/s), general BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadomasochism) activities, erotic hypnosis, and primal play; with general subject matter expertise in relationship dynamics, communication, and sexual & general behavioral psychology. He also has over 10yrs experience in the Chinese martial arts and meditation practices and instruction.


soumise brings her lifelong passions for movement, education, and helping people with her into the BDSM lifestyle. A former professional ballet dancer turned world ranked international style ballroom competitor, soumise has spent her 30 year career blending for the artistry of dance with the sciences of biomechanics, anatomy, kinesiology, rehabilitation and exercise. She creates and presents diverse workshops and educational events that engage, inform, and entertain participants of all levels in a variety of subjects across the US and abroad. Her time is divided between working with her clients and students, training other instructors and helping her Master, Sir Vice, with His business, Limits Unleashed LLC. With her Master’s encouragement, soumise has been enjoying the integration of her professional interests with her lifestyle training and experiences.



Hypno Obi-wan to the community since before there were annual events, Wiseguy brings his brand of humor and fun into classes that teach how to be safe, responsible, and effective with erotic hypnosis. In real life he is a professional hypnotist and NLP practitioner, a trainer of professional hypnotism and NLP, and author of the books Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis and The Mind Play Study Guide. He can be found at pretty much every erotic hypnosis event, usually in front of a class.