Presenters 2017


TES Fest 2017 – Confirmed Presenters thus far:

 Alex and Madeline

Alex and Madeline are both trained scientists who love to use their analytical minds and love of learning both in the bedroom and the dungeon. They have been very active in the Chicago and Minneapolis/St. Paul communities, helping to run BDSM organizations, assisting with large-scale events, and teaching classes on various edge play techniques. Now based out of New York, they are excited to explore a new Scene and share their particular brand of edgy with new friends.

 Ami Mercury   

Ami Mercury is a professional webcam and fetish model who specializes in diaper fetish, clown fetish, ageplay, cosplay, and spanking content. She has identified as a little and ABDL for nearly a decade. Ami also identifies as a slave, and has been in service to Dr. Clockwork for three years. She has been a clown fetishist for over 6 years, and has a professional background in clowning. Being a fetish cam model has allowed her to explore and indulge in a variety of fetishes and kinks, and she uses her experience to help others learn, understand and accept their own fetishes. As an adult model she is an advocate for the rights of sex workers, and promotes better sex education in and out of lifestyle. In addition to being a sex worker Ami is a writer and illustrator of fantasy romance novels.

 Andra Poloutropon

Andra Poloutropon is a New York City based rigger who enjoys doing floorwork transitions. A self-proclaimed “style whore,” he is fascinated by the myriad styles of tying and encourages others to make their own way rather than blindly following a single style as dogma. In addition to style, he holds an abiding interest in rope handling and is dedicated to helping people understand “why” various decisions are made in rope bondage. As a teacher, he has been described as having a talent for seeing things from other people’s perspectives and explaining things in ways that make it accessible to others.

 Baron Voltage 

Baron Voltage is an Up and coming NJ hypnotist specializing in the simulation of electric stimulation through Hypnosis, as well as post hypnotic triggers and escalation of sensation and emotion through Hypnosis


An avid aficionado of rope since discovering kink more than five years ago. Her journey has taken her from bottom to self-tier to top over that same period of time. Since starting to tie, she helped found a Rope Bite and a Hitchin’ Bitches chapter in her hometown of Kalamazoo, MI. Since moving to Philadelphia she has spent her time honing her skills and developing her own style of rope in order to create challenging and beautiful positions for her and her bottom to enjoy. She enjoys all things rope, from the sensual to the sadistic to the down-right ridiculous, and all of this has led to a desire to share her hobby with others. As an educator by trade, Belle- doesn’t believe in teaching any one specific style but listening to her students’ desires and needs with rope and tailoring their education to those desires.

Bernie & Marisa   

Bernie and Marisa live a lifestyle based on “Functional Kinky Love.” Over a fifteen year relationship they evolved a natural inclination of Dominance and submission into a total power exchange dynamic. With a passion for education and sharing their personal journey in kink they have served both as the 2016 and 2017 Northeast Power Exchange Title Holders and are the new producers of the title competition. Bernie and Marisa have presented throughout the Northeastern United States on a variety of topics revolving around power exchange dynamics and kink.


Bigtip was born and raised in Birmingham Alabama. He came out as a Gay Man in 1975 and has been an active member of the Leather Community ever since. He lost many family members and partners to the Aids epidemic, and was a lone wolf for over 20 years. He experienced several health challenges that had him confined to a wheelchair for several years. During that time he found Electrical stimulation. He was active in the online SmartStim community and built his own powerbox including many electrodes. Over time he found the frequencies of stereostim that helped him rehabilitate, regain his mobility and enjoy all the pleasures of a full life again. This past summer he collared his sub in a beautiful, traditional leather ceremony. Bigtip found the Fetlife community late in 2012, but became active after attending his first much in 2013. He started playing at the parties and was soon in high demand for e-stim demonstrations and scenes. The demand grew to include building stereostim boxes and electrodes for locals. His quality and creativity quickly caught the attention of Current Pleasures and he was invited to become a part of the company. He now exclusively sells his unique products via their website and is their East Coast representative at multiple events both teaching and vending. In 2015, Bigtip stepped up to lead the group who established the website and is the primary Moderator of that free forum. The E-stim community now has a safe, secure place to meet, learn, discuss and share files. As part of SocialStim he established a remote estim server, his gift to the community, where he provides free weekly group estim remote sessions for groups of up to 25 at a time including videochat.

bossbondage logo BossBondage  

BossBondage has been involved in the BDSM community for the last 16 years. He is the founder and president of The West Coast Assholes an edge players advocacy group that focuses on edge-ucation within the community. For 5 Years Boss operated His own professional dungeon The Asylum. Born from his love of hemp bondage rope, He started in 2002, where He produces his own line of Hemp Bondage rope. Boss has been a body piercer since 1995 and currently operates which sells play piercing kits and medical kink accessories.


BoundToFly is an out Gay Leatherman and HIV Activist who has found his passion in Shibari aka Japanese rope bondage. His roots are in the gay Leather world and considering his passion for rock climbing, it seems inevitable that rope bondage would be a natural fit. But it took the passion, energy and connection of Shibari and Kinbaku for it to click. He’s privileged to share his life with NJWaterDog and to dance between the gay Leather and pansexual BDSM worlds, as well as between the NY/NJ and Philadelphia scenes. BoundToFly is a co-organizer of NJ Rope Bite and is the founder of G-rope (a male only rope space). He may be found out and about at play parties, performing, or teaching for where he flags red Jute left.

 Brazen Professor  

brazenprofessor is actively engaged in the Boston kink and rope communities, and has been ‘power bottoming’ for several years. She is also an active self-suspender, involved in Boston Hitchin’ Bitches and Rope Bite Chapters. She trained in Muay Thai for six years, and fought on the amateur circuit until cartilage injuries put an end to high impact sport. Her approach to rope and kink focuses on risk awareness and clear communication. brazenprofessor firmly believes that communication is a technical skill that must be learned and practiced. In real life brazenprofessor is, in fact, a college professor. She has published a number of articles on fighting and BDSM, and has presented on a range of communication & cultural studies topics at 20+ national and international academic conferences.

 Comtesse Aurora   

Comtesse Aurora Labelle (ComtesseAurora) is a NYC based professional Dominatrix. She has been kinky since the age of four when she tied herself up with her jump ropes. She specializes in foot worship, flogging, and sensation play. In another incarnation, she is a classically trained soprano and chocoholic.


D’artagnan is a New York based Hypnotist, occasional producer of horror inspired audio recordings and a co-coordinator for TES’s Hypnosis SIG. For the last few years he has sunk a ridiculous amount of time into developing experimental skills and techniques for kinksters like yourselves. Deeply (no pun intended) dedicated to developing his own skills and the skills of people in the hypnosis-kink community, D’artagnan is always looking for creative and strange ways to make use of trance.

 Dr. Clockwork

Dr. Clockwork has spent the last 18 years traveling the globe from the dangerous concrete jungles of Manhattan to the outback of Australia gleaning knowledge and experience in all matters of PAIN and PLEASURE. Yet despite his INTREPID explorations, Dr. Clockwork remains a Prolific and Tireless scientist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and educator. He and his faithful assistants have been spotted in and maintain memberships in some of the FINEST sex positive and educational organizations in America. As an educator, he has lectured on many topics of DEVIANT BEHAVIOR across the United States and Canada. As a philanthropist, Dr. Clockwork is a coalition partner of the NCSF, corporate member of the FSC, the NLA-I, and supports many title holders past and present. As an entrepreneur, Dr. Clockwork is the esteemed proprietor of Dr. Clockwork’s Home for Electrical and Medical Oddities, selling electrical and medical toys, GUARANTEED to bring a smile to the face of all you kinky girls and boys.

 Eric Pride

Eric Pride, together with his wife Lady Christie, heads a structured authority-based household in New York. The household celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2012. The primary focus of the household is integrating healthy power-exchange dynamics into daily life and providing guidance, training, and support for its individuals. Eric enjoys consensual S&M, blogs on different aspects of the lifestyle, and gives presentations on alternative lifestyle relationships, structured authority-based living, S&M, ritual and spirituality.  Eric has presented nationwide at numerous conferences, organizations and events. He is a founding member and an instructor at the Master/slave Development Center, an educational group for Masters and slaves. He is also the founder of NYC Kinky Living (NYCKL) and the producer of the workshop series Creating and Living Positive Alternative Lifestyle Relationships. You can connect with him on FetLife (“EricPride”) or follow him on Twitter (“EricPride“). He can be reached at or his website,


Certified yoga instructor.  200 RYT Antigravity fitness instructor.


GleefulAbandon is a hypnofetishist, submissive, and queer (in multiple senses of the word). After over three amazing years in the Scene so far, she is constantly thrilled by the wonderful people and weird experiences (and vice versa) that she encounters. She is an active volunteer for TES as Media Representative.


My voice will magically become the lasso that wraps around you, controlling every muscle fiber in your body. My wish will be your body’s command. Sensuality is at the heart of BDSM. I love watching my slaves tremble as I inflict just enough pain to bring thier senses alive. Then I’ll ease that pain with my gentle, soothing voice. To tease you mercilessly with my exquisite toes then ease you back down again, over and over. The ultimate dance between pleasure and pain; it’s very erotic. I love looking deeply into my slave’s eyes and watching them struggle and wriggle in painful ecstasy. Using your own drugged mind as my weapon to wield, my aura will pull you into an unfamiliar, but comfortable zone–a realm that is more powerful than your most intense dreams.


heather is a bisexual, service oriented slave from Frederick, MD. she has been involved in BDSM for over twenty years, having lived most of her adult life owned and in service. her path began in 1992, in Arkansas, where she was born and raised. Since that time she has also been active in the Pittsburgh kink scene as well as her local scene in Maryland. she is a volunteer for Studio 58, a venue that she loves dearly. her need to serve has led to volunteer work locally and nationally at kink events. she is also very proactive in raising awareness about abuse within the lifestyle. Advocacy and volunteerism in the community are very important parts of her life.heather is currently serving as the Mid-Atlantic Region NCSF Advocate. Working with the NCSF has allowed her to have a greater impact on consent issues as well as working to better consent culture within our communities.heather is a co-founder of the Consent Rocks Crew, an organization that provides training and teams to events, groups and organizations for handling consent incidents. The Consent Rocks Crew is a group trained to be the event first response ready to handle consent issues, or other interpersonal concerns during an event.heather is currently an owned, collared slave and very happily in service to her Sir 24/7.

 Ian Michaels 

Ian Michaels is a BDSM educator in various fetishes. Along with his wife, “Trophy Wife”, they have developed the Fetissage brand of workshops. Ian was able to combine his background in massage therapy and his Master’s Degree in Exercise Science to produce unique sensual BDSM workshops. Additionally, Ian has developed workshops geared towards his love of bondage. Prior to becoming a BDSM educator, Ian taught at a post-secondary technical school. Both Ian and Trophy Wife have had the privilege to teach at TesFest, E-P-I-C, Studio 58, Paddles, The Kink Shoppe (Philadelphia), Feel Me Breathe and many other venues. Ian is also a semi-professional photographer, as evidenced by the photographs on his profile.  Ian is available for private instruction, as well as private group instruction. Please feel free to send a Fet message to inquire about rates.


-Iya- has been in the open kink scene since 2010 exploring her love of rope, impact, whips and erotic hypnosis privately and publicly in events up and down the East Coast. She has taught in a variety of settings on the topics of communication, bodywork and self-awareness for over 25 years and is delighted to bridge into the kink community. -Iya- volunteers for New England Leather Alliance (NELA) as Programming Director for the Fetish Fair Fleamarket (Winter Flea 46, 48) and now serves on the NELA board as Director of Social Media. She has a passion for skillful communication and collaborative efforts from event planning for 3000 to co-topping a scene. Don’t let the friendly demeanor fool you – the sadism runs deep in this one.


Jaden is a NYC based Horror novelist. She has been in the bdsm community for four years, and has worked with Tes as a volunteer and presenter. She is vice chair of operations, and one of the co-facilitators for the Hypnosis sig.

 Lord Percival

Lord Percival has been active in the scene, both in private and in public, for more than 40 years. While many of us know him for his mastery of rope, he also has an extensive knowledge of many other areas of play, including but not limited to: take-downs, breath play, caning, whips, electricity, knives, pressure points and mental bondage, aka hypnosis. Education is a particular passion of Percy’s. He has been a teacher, lecturer, mentor, and trainer in the scene for over a quarter century. Currently, he is Director of Programming and Education on the Board of NELA (New England Leather Alliance) and past and present chair of the Fetish Fair Fleamarket(R).

 Lord Ramirez  

Lord Ramirez has been active in BDSM for over 20 years. In addition to serving as a BDSM educator, he has also fetish performer in Goth and Fetish nightclubs. As a BDSM educator he has taught for groups including TIED, Tidewater Pride, Crimson Phoenix, CAPEX, CUFF, CoDe and Amatorius. Events he has presented at include Black Phoenix’s Winter Solstice, APEX Summer Bash, The DC GRUE, The Winter Fetish Fleamarket, Frolicon, NDD/s Boot Camp, Charm City Fetish Fair, Madtown Kinkfest, Primal Arts Festival, Rochester Kink Society’s Mega Bash, Beat Me in St Louis, and Floating World.  In addition to teaching for BDSM groups he has also provided workshops and BDSM outreach for Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Anime groups at their national events. He is a member of Fallout and was a charter member Crimson Phoenix and helped found and run another of his local groups, Amatorius.  Outside of the lifestyle Ramirez is active with the vampyre community and involved with the establishment of several vampyre organizations. He has an extensive martial arts background, and a strong interest in Japanese culture. Ramirez is also a retired open professional ballroom dance championship finalist, teacher, and Ballroom competition judge.

 Master Obsidian  

Master Obsidian has been involved in the BDSM community for over 3 decades. He’s been a member of groups in Chicago as well as in Texas. He has served in a Leadership capacity in the Field of Diversity for multi million dollar corporations, as well as committees and boards in the LGBTQ and Diverse business arena nation wide. A proud Leatherman and Inspiring Orator-He has presented numerous classes on topics ranging from Fire and Pressure Point Play to Dominance and Spirituality. He has received accolades and recognition by the community including Receiving His Masters’ cover in 2009, The 2012 Southwest Leather Conference Leatherman’s Heart Award, Pantheon of Leather Man of the year Nominee, and 2010 Southwest Master as well as 2010 International Master.

 Master Andy 

Master Andy is in constant search of the next evolution of self discovery. His path led him to the BDSM lifestyle over ten years ago where he met his current partner in adventure, Sue. They currently live in a complete power exchange dynamic where Master Andy can bring his slave to dark places for them both to enjoy. In BDSM, Master Andy identifies as a sadomasochist who enjoys giving as much as taking. Who and what is up for the taking always remains negotiable. A large part of Master Andy’s discovery came the Master/slave community. It was there he found his passion and dedicates his time to promoting the M/s lifestyle. He was the founding Director of MAsT: Ottawa (Masters And slaves Together) as well as the Canadian Regional Rep for MAsT International. He travels extensively throughout North America connecting with people exploring a similar lifestyle. Locally he volunteers within the BDSM community as well as the Leather community.

 Master Taino   

Master Taíno and His Leather Family open their lives and themselves through this website with the purpose of affirming our Master/slave lives and presenting the Leather Family concept as a real alternative for many in our community.  Based in the Washington, DC area, Master Taíno is well known both locally, where He is a leader in several organizations, and at the national level, where He has made a name with His commitment to education.  A Master, Daddy and Mentor, Master Taíno reaches our Master/slave community with His “dominant and caring” philosophy.  Master Taíno founded MTTA, a non-profit organization that runs MTTA Academy and produces the annual Master/slave Conference held in Washington DC, among other programs.


Masterfultouch is a professional presenter with a performance background. His programs are imaginative, intuitive and immediately useful. He delivers meaningful material in an enjoyable way. His goal is to help individuals and kink organizations improve to the quality of their relationships without losing the fun of their experiences.


I am a dominant, sadistic, polyamorous, professional-fitness-monster-world-champion-athlete, anarcho-syndicalist, vegetarian, former music growler, radical lawyer. Lifetime lifestyle leaning type with over a decade of experience living down this rabbit hole with a tendency for M/s TPE 24/7 type of connections which are designed to better both.  I teach and write on topics of kink and the law, polyamory and power exchange and whatever strikes my fancy or the community asks me for.


Mistress Couple is the Head Mistress at La Domaine Esemar, the world’s oldest (and many say finest!) BDSM training chateau. Miss Couple began her foray into BDSM at La Domaine Esemar in 2010. Establishing her roots as Master R and Mistress Colette’s personal slave, she went on to spend three years immersed in the public kink scene of New York City, expanding her sexual persona and cultivating her Dominance, before returning to La Domaine to refine her skills. Upon Master R and Mistress Colette’s retirement, she rose to power as La Domaine Esemar’s Head Mistress, ensuring that the tradition of BDSM chateau style training lives on. Her deeply empathetic nature coupled with her degree in psychology brings a unique energy to La Domaine. It is her refined nature to attune herself to others on a deeply resonant level, uncovering their most hidden desires. She acts both as a a beacon, guiding fantasy to reality, and as a vessel, helping transform those lucky enough to cross her path into the best versions of themselves that they can be. This empathy comes paired with an innate understanding of D/s dynamics, a primal physical energy and a finely honed skill-set – making her quite the force to be reckoned with.

 Miss Vixen  

Miss Vixen is the owner/CEO of Current Pleasures. She has worked in the medical field for 25 years, currently specializing in pain management and practitioner education. She has been involved with almost every facet of the BDSM lifestyle for 15+ years as both a sub and a ProDomme. She is an expert in electrostimulation, turning electric into erotic using TENS, EMS and microcurrent technologies. She is a leader in product design and development with new creations always in process. When not presenting workshops or attending events she can often be found answering customer questions via live chat on her website.

 Mistress Ariana 

Mistress Ariana Chevalier is NYC’s Premiere Rubberist and  the Supreme Head Mistress/Owner of Parthenon Studios and NYC Rubber Studios (established 2003). This Conqueress, with the sweet smile and devil horns, has one of the most impressive fetish collections on the Continent (rubber, leather, bondage and toys) and this collection is not only for show. We welcome this Dom Con BDSM Hall of Famer to her first TES Fest.

   Mistress Leigh

Mistress Leigh has been a lifestyle Dominant Dictator for nineteen years and a full-time professional DominARTtrix wrecking shit for six years. Although based out of Pandora’s Box Dungeon in NY, she also sessions nationally as an independent fetish wrestler, educator, performer, and consultant. She has been both a fetish performer, model, and a consultant for FOX’s “THE FOLLOWING” as well as a Dominatrix for SHOWTIME’s “BILLIONS” (Paul Giamotti likes to watch her sleep.) Most recently, she has guest-starred on several podcasts and cofacilitates the lifestyle Dominant Women/submissive men’s group for The Eulenspiegel Society in NY. An activist for sexual freedom rights, Mistress Leigh regularly volunteers her time marching and data coding for academic sex research with plans to pursue a PhD in public health sex research focusing on fetish/BDSM, LGBTQIA, and disability. Mistress Leigh is also a big ‘ole queer who specializes in couples, groups, LGBTQI, disabled persons, and training other professional fetish workers. You can regularly find her entitled ass trying to make you laugh as an amateur comic or submitting you on a Jiu Jitsu mat.


MrDream is a kinky presenter and organizer, teaching classes in hypnokink and other topics since 2010. He is a board member of The Eulenspiegel Society, and co-founder of Deepmind Darkwood. He has been practicing erotic hypnosis since 2002, rope since 2011 and runs the League of Ethical Evil Hypnotists. He is the inventor of the muahahahaha test and an advocate for “Hell Yeah Consent”. He enjoys teaching throughout NY and the East Coast and beyond.


NauttiBoy is a new face with an old soul. He has been exploring kink for many years now, from bottom to Top (and a few places in between). He views everyday as an opportunity to try or learn something new, and loves to share his knowledge and experience with whomever he comes in contact with. NauttiBoy has taught in the beauty industry as an International Platform Artist for over a decade, visiting countries all over the world. He now brings his art and talents to share with our community. He has presented at both TES (The Eulenspiegel Society) and the IronBell Academy, as well as LIFE in Nassau and APeX (Albany Power Exchange). NauttiBoy has also presented at conventions such as The Floating World 2012, Brimstone III & IV and WinterFire 2014. He may be very “nautti”, but he plays so well with others!


NJTherapist has been a member of the NJ kink community for 8 years. She holds a Master’s of Social Work degree, is a licensed social worker (LSW) and currently works in a private practice as a psychotherapist. Her expertise lies within the realm of most psychology related topics with a special focus on how they relate to the BDSM community.


Ode2Joy, called Joy by pretty much everyone, is a submissive, poly, masochistic lion cub (not a kitten!) who unashamedly calls herself a one trick pony in regards to how much she loves rope bottoming. In a claimed, 24/7 D/s dynamic for over a year, she thrives on detailed protocol, open communication, and attempting to walk on the wild side and laughing in the face of danger…which is usually when she’s being a brat to her Daddy. She’s an advocate by trade and has a passion for sharing her knowledge and experiences, especially when it comes to rope bottoming, D/s relationships, and facilitating healthy, honest discussion. Joy has been active in the DMV area for almost two years, and has presented at events like DC TNG and RambleGRUE.

 Orpheus Black  

Orpheus Black – the 2016 Southwest Leather Master title holder – is a published author and erotic educator specializing in hierarchical dynamics, non-monogamous relationships and alternative sexual encounters. This two-time Bawdy Storytelling champion has been traveling the country teaching his fun and light-hearted educational events for more than a decade. Orpheus is a regular presenter at DomConLA and is the founder of Cirque de Sade – a high profile group of Dominants whose mission is to advance the art of BDSM through a commitment to innovation, excellence, and active leadership in the D/s, M/s, and fetish communities. Indigo Black, wife and property of Sir Orpheus Black, has been not only a sub and slave to Orpheus, but also his lifelong companion and inspiration. Her journey into BDSM and the fetish lifestyle began when she volunteered to be Orpheus’ bottom and submissive in early 2000. Like Orpheus, Indigo got her start co- hosting the Severe Society radio show. Soon after that, Orpheus and indigo began their dark journey onto the fetish stages, performing at countless Hollywood hotspots such as the Viper Room, Club Blue, the Music Box, and Dragonfly, to name just a few. Together the 2014 and 215 SoCal Leather Master / slave title holders continue to travel the country entertaining , educating and enlightening communities across the country.


Pandora has been active in the kink scene since 2010. In 2012 she decided to put her passion for sexuality, sex, and sex toys to good use and opened Pandora’s Box. She sells luxury sex toys for bodies of all sorts, as well as hand crafted BDSM gear made by her amazing partners.


Pinky is a sadomasochistic, quirky, poly, queer kinkster who has been involved with BDSM (publicly and privately) for nearly 15 years. Pinky brings her comprehension and experience from both sides of the flogger to her ever growing knowledge of erotic hypnosis. She has presented at various conferences including Charmed! and TES Fest. If you’re ever looking for Pinky, just follow the trail of bubbles!


sepiessa has trained in the healing arts of massage and yoga since 2006 and 2003, respectively. When she entered the kink community in February of 2011 as a fresh-faced newbie, the idea of bringing massage to her kinky peers grew from a tiny seed into a full-fledged effort. Thai ‘Em Massage Techniques for Bondage & Otherwise combines the poses and stretching of yoga with massage techniques using gentle to deep pressure (depending on your tolerance of sensation…). It is a modality that is beneficial for bottoms to learn for their tops achey post-scene (or everyday) aches, and equally so for tops to lovingly warm their bottoms’ bodies for the impact/binding/debauchery that lies ahead. sepiessa loves to share her knowledge of the body with others, and teaches Thai Massage to students in massage school as part of their curriculum and maintains a thriving vanilla massage and yoga practice. She is also certified to lead yoga classes, and is currently leading Nude Yoga classes as well as Thai ‘Em Massage Techniques for Bondage & Otherwise.


Robert (SiRoberto) has been a highly regarded commercial photographer for the past three decades. In addition, throughout his career he has been pursuing artful imagery, nude studies, and lifestyle art images which exemplify a keen understanding of the human form and condition. He’s regarded as one of the leading forces in creating edgy images, with an innovative intimate air and artistic vision. He’s currently working on publishing his rst lifestyle book. His work has shown in a multitude of galleries in the region such as Chester County Art Galleries and multiple showings at Aphrodite Gallery, and the Kink shop in Philadelphia. His images can be found on FetLife at his profile, SiRoberto, on Model Mayhem under Robert Neroni, at DeviantArt under FotoArtImages. In addition Robert has become a promoter/party host coordinating distinctive fetish events and gatherings with particular emphasis on creative kink. His Masque lifestyle BDSM party in Phila has become one of the most popular parties in the Phila area.

 Sir Vice

Sir Vice is an active member of the BDSM community with 10 years experience and manages Limits Unleashed LLC – a personal coaching service oriented for those in alternative lifestyles. He conducts research and mentors others across various aspects of the BDSM & kink lifestyle culture. Specific expertise includes Power Exchange and related relationship dynamics (D/s & M/s), general BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadomasochism) activities, erotic hypnosis, and primal play; with general subject matter expertise in relationship dynamics, communication, and sexual & general behavioral psychology. He also has over 10yrs experience in the Chinese martial arts and meditation practices and instruction.


Schadenfreude is an up-and-coming BDSM workshop presenter from Rochester, NY. Education is her passion, and kink is an inseparable part of her identity, which together culminate into an unparalleled learning experience. She unites her pedagogical training with her many years of experience in the BDSM scene to create workshops that are interactive, entertaining and effective. As a dominant sadomasochist, Schadenfreude has experience as both a top and bottom in every subject that she teaches. Thus, she is able to bring a unique perspective to her workshops, providing information and insight that is practical to kinksters of every D/s orientation.


I have been in the scene for over ten years and teach as a profession. I have taught include fire play, dry and wet (blood) cupping, suturing, and needle play 101. Venues I have been privileged to teach include, Long Island Leather & Roses, TES, the Platinum Circle, Neophyte, Conversio Virium, and the SMiL Club in Copenhagen, Denmark. Everything I teach I have learned because of the generosity of others. I would be remiss in my respect and admiration, if I did not thank them.

 Slave Namaste 

slave namaste has counseled women and taught about embracing submission for 20 years. She brings this knowledge into her relationship living in submission and surrender to Master Obsidian as well as to counseling and aiding in the development of other submissives, slaves, and surrendered hearts. Her writings on surrender and absolute slavery have been featured on web sites and in books. She is Founder and co-moderator of various lifestyle groups, including one geared specifically for those in TPE relationships. A gifted Coach, Public Speaker and Mentor, she was the 2010 Southwest slave and 2010 International slave as well as the recipient of the 2013 Southwest Leather Conference Leatherwoman’s Heart Award.

 Sophie Minkman

Sophie Minkman is The Head of The Government of Pervertistan(TM), and TEC@TES’s “Mistress of the Hounds” has been a Corporate Trainer/Presenter and a Dance Instructor (including at a major university) for over a decade. She has recently been teaching classes in the fetish community mostly focused on animal play. Her specialties are dehumanization, fear play and elaborate scenes involving multiple people. Sophie Minkman is a charismatic presenter and is exceptionally creative. She keeps the audience engaged with her wacky humor and fresh perspective on kinky play. Her exciting games go way beyond the usual.


Sue has a fetish for power. She loves kinky fun that demonstrates a power imbalance. She lives as a full time slave to Master Andy, dedicating her life to serving him. Sue is a dominant woman who has chosen the path of slave. Part of her service to Master Andy is continuous self exploration and growth. This fits her desire for a challenge perfectly. Within the BDSM and leather communities, Sue volunteers her time and services to education. She served on the Board of MAsT: Ottawa and works with other groups to promote education. Sue also loves a good party and enjoys lending her creative side to decorations for events.


soumise brings her lifelong passions for movement, education, and helping people with her into the BDSM lifestyle. A former professional ballet dancer turned world ranked international style ballroom competitor, soumise has spent her 30 year career blending for the artistry of dance with the sciences of biomechanics, anatomy, kinesiology, rehabilitation and exercise. She creates and presents diverse workshops and educational events that engage, inform, and entertain participants of all levels in a variety of subjects across the US and abroad. Her time is divided between working with her clients and students, training other instructors and helping her Master, Sir Vice, with His business, Limits Unleashed LLC. With her Master’s encouragement, soumise has been enjoying the integration of her professional interests with her lifestyle training and experiences.


Richard, aka Spike, is a sensual sadistic Dom who likes to play with rope, canes and knives, but basically, anything that falls into his hands is potentially pervertable. He is a reaction junkie and enjoys administering pain as part of his sensation play. Richard is an emeritus board member of Long Island Leather ‘n Roses (LILNR), a facilitator of Long Island Rope Revival (LIRR) and a volunteer for The Eulenspiegel Society (TES). He has previously presented on various aspects of sensation play, rope bondage and sensual spanking to TES, Dom Sub Friends (DSF), Long Island Leather ‘n Roses (LILNR), Long Island Rope Revival (LIRR) and at TES Fest 2014 and 2015.


Stoopzkitty has been active in scene almost 4 years. She believes in having fun and laughing at yourself at all times. She is indeed a real zumba instructor and fitness advocate.

 Antonia Barbie Dahl

Antonia [the Yin of the Twins (see thrash)] is a fetish model, BDSM educator, boy-to-Girl Co-Conspiracy Theorist and a well known attention whore. She has appeared in many FemDom videos alongside such superior Women as Mistress Trish, Miss Mona Rogers, Amy Brooke, Goddess Severa and Domina Nix, as well as studios like The NYC Rubberstudio, K is for Kink and Rapture. She has also been photographed by such Artists as Barbara Nitke, Mariette Pathy Allen, Efrain Gonzalez, Natasha Gornik and SpecificKink. Antonia works almost exclusively as a submissive and “Damsel in Distress” but lately she has been considering her Dominant side, learning the fine arts of ‘instigating,’ ‘shit stirring’ and ‘piling on’ in her role as a sadistic sidekick to her Dominant Goddesses. She presents classes on multiple subjects from Crossdressing and the skills involved in being a Woman to Animal Roleplay, from Singletails and Pain Processing to Humiliation et al.



Sea has attended kink events for 19 years. He presents nationally to help people communicate and understand each other’s kink needs, especially to understand submission. He currently serves on Advisory Board for DomCon BDSM weekend conventions. Previously, he wrote a BDSM column for, represented BDSM on college campuses and mainstream forums, and chaired Austin TNG for 4 years. He splits time between Austin and DC. He performs with a DC BDSM-themed burlesque and comedy troupe. He previously helped keep Austin weird by arranging fetish nights where he wrote, performed in, and arranged music for fetish shows. BDSM has influenced his artistic expression in the form of fetish photography, DJing music, dance, writings, and kinky stand-up comedy.


Hypno Obi-wan to the community since before there were annual events, Wiseguy brings his brand of humor and fun into classes that teach how to be safe, responsible, and effective with erotic hypnosis. In real life he is a professional hypnotist and NLP practitioner, a trainer of professional hypnotism and NLP, and author of the books <i>Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis</i> and <i>The Mind Play Study Guide</i>. He can be found at pretty much every erotic hypnosis event, usually in front of a class.


ZanyM (or Morgan) has been in the BDSM scene for over a decade. A silly playful toppy sadist, a mischievous alpha geek and a reaction junkie, her first love kink-wise is rope. Morgan is a co-coordinator of the TES Hypnokink SIG with her partner-in-crime MrDream. She has taught classes at The Eulenspiegel Society, TES Fest 2013, Fetish Fair Fleamarket, NEEHU and at Deepmind Darkwood (also known as Camp MindFuck.) If you want to get on her good side, bring her dark chocolate. “She seemed so sweet and innocent, until I got to know her.”


Zebrianna has a passion for all of the sharp & pointies… You can feel the energy from her as she plays or teaches and she’s known for creating beautiful artwork with needles, scalpels, staples and sutures!  Zeb has taught workshops for Brimstone I – IV, The Leather Leadership Conference, NDDs BootCamp I – VII; Atlantic City D/S, The Floating World I – VII, DomSub Friends/Paddles NYC, The Black Phoenix/Winter Solstice, Adventures in Sexuality/Winter Wickedness, FIST MD, BESS & Charm City Fetish Fair in MD, TES Fest, SJMG, DO/Leather Retreat, Just Hanging Out DE, The Baltimore Playhouse, Coast2Coast, The Aviary, Philadelphia Leather Alliance, Domme School, Rochester Kink Society/New York and Black Rose. Zeb was Director of Programming for Floating World 2009, Boot Camp III, Philly Leather Pride Night 2010, Leather Leadership Conference 2014, and is the current Co-Producer & Head of Programming for Brimstone NJ. She’s a member of The House Of The Black Shamrock, and a proudly patched member of Philadelphia Leather Alliance.  When not teaching or volunteering, Zeb can be found in the dungeon at most any event she attends as one of the last people playing into the wee hours of the night (or morning).