Special Events

TES Fest Special Event 2017 List.



Come and swim amongst the party lights, glow sticks, and (fingers crossed!) giant inflatable dicks! And remember . . . no latex or body fuids in the pool!  Sunday 9:00pm-12:00am Pool


DARK DAYCARE with Simoneb and Stoopzkitty

For evil littles, brats , bullies shy littles, mean bigs, and anyone who plays on the darker side of age play… Dark Day care is an interactive space where you are free to indulge your bully, attack with your brat, Bigs can dole out punishments, shy littles can be picked on, you can draw naughty pictures, break toys, be naked, use cuss words, kick pretend puppies, and eat lots of sugar! Bigs must either be volunteers or be in the company of their little.
*Mandatory waiver forms are to be filled out to participate. Sunday 12:00-1:45pm Boardroom A 


DICK BALL with Anya

Dickball is a creative use of inflatable genitalia that is fun for the whole family! As long as your family is old enough to be at TES fest. It is a silly and sexy alternative to baseball.


FEMDOM MEET & GREAT with Mistress Leigh

Come and meet fellow femdoms (and perhaps some of their admirers). Sunday 8:00-9:00pm Courtyard (Gazebo)


GO THE F%^# TO SLEEP with Zero

Intended for kinksters of all ages, our own Zero will be reading from “You Have to Fucking Eat” and “Go the Fuck to Sleep.” Part snarky performance, part public service announcement, you don’t have to be a little to enjoy these presentations from the vice chair of safety and DMs. (Please note, there WILL be profanity.) Friday 12:00am-1:00am Salon E


ICE BREAKERS with Lord Ramirez

Welcome to the Kinky icebreaker game! Do you want to meet your fellow attendees? Want to watch them do mild to wild stuff to each other? Do you want to do the mild to wild stuff with each other? Then this will be the place to be Friday night before the dungeon opens. You are welcome to bring toys if you would like (I did say kinky icebreaker didint I?) but it is not required. Just come with an open mind and a desire to have fun while meeting your fellow attendees! Friday 6:30-9:00pm Salon E


IMPROV JAM with Masterfultouch

Successful kink relationships require a lot of work. You need skills in communication, creativity, authenticity, expanding one’s comfort zone, judgment suspension, open-mindedness, vulnerability, and curiosity. In this entertaining, informative and immediately applicable program we’ll go behind the curtain and into the mind of improvisers and leave with ways to be more confident individuals, better relationship partners and with new ways to explore our possibilities. The entire program is informal, interactive and involving. Participation is completely voluntary. No one will be singled out to volunteer. Friday 10:00-11:30 pm Salon E



Quick! Tell me all about yourself in 2 minutes or less! Join us and meet up with some awesome TES Fest attendees during this new special event. Come alone, as a couple, or as a family, and find new friends and play partners. Saturday 10:00-11:00pm Restaurant



Ever want to just throw a water balloon-sized sponge ball in someone’s face? Now you can! (And not have to pick up all the little pieces afterwards!) Join us for for some good, old fashioned water fight fun! Sunday 10:30-11:45am Courtyard



As fun as the weekend is, we all know: con-drop is real. We also know that the best way to combat the dreaded CD is to stay in touch with friends and play partners and connect with the wonderful times had at the con. This is an opportunity to come down from the high gently and share memories and experiences with others. Monday 5:15-6:30pm Salon B



Come mix and mingle with your fellow kinksters at the LGBTQ+ Meet & Greet. This event is strongly encouraged for the LGBTQ+ folk but not limited to them. Friday 10:00-11:00pm Courtyard (Gazebo)


LIGHT DAYCARE with Simoneb & Stoopzkitty

Light Daycare is a safe space for ageplayers. Littles, Bigs, and pets are welcome to come and indulge in the fun, light side of ageplay. We will provide crafting materials, storybooks, markers, puzzles, dirty and clean coloring books, toys, stuffed animals. Come and indulge in child like wonder in a safe space! Bigs, come and read us stories, help us learn to color within the lines, tie our shoes, and be our adults keeping us safe. Pets, come and get scritches from nice littles. Littles, come and be the (nice) child you always wanted to be! Feel free to bring whatever you might like to play with: toys, legos, games. Play patty cake, try to figure out how to do hopscotch on a carpet, or whatever you can imagine. Rules: This is a safe space daycare. No roughhousing, bratting, bullying. No sexual activity please. No dark ageplay. Keep the kink to a minimum please. That is for dark daycare!! Adult babies please be diapered and respectful.  Saturday 12:00-1:45pm Boardroom A


MIDNIGHT SMOKERS with Bootblacks 

Whether your pleasure is a dark, velvety Maduro or a smooth wrapped Connecticut leaf, TES Fest is proud to continue the tradition of the Midnight Smoker. Come and enjoy a classic hand-rolled, or try a cigar for the first time while socializing with your fellow kinksters! Everyday, Time Various, Courtyard (Smokers Section)


M/s MEET AND GREET with Master Taino

Come mix and mingle with your fellow kinksters at the M/s Meet & Greet. This event is strongly encouraged for those into M/s Dynamics but not limited to them. Saturday 8:00-9:00pm Lounge



Join us for birthday cake in the lounge on Friday night. NCSF has helped so many people, lets give back and say “thank you”. Friday 9:00-10:00



Come mix and mingle with your fellow kinksters at the Novice & Newcomers Meet and Greet. This event is strongly encouraged for the newcomers but not limited to them. Friday 8:00-9:00pm Lounge


TNG MEET AND GREET with Zero and Odile

Come mix and mingle with your fellow kinksters at the TNG. This event is strongly encouraged for those in the TNG age range. Saturday 9;00-10:00pm Courtyard


POC MEET AND GREET with David Wraith

Come and meet POC kinksters and probably some of their admirers. Sunday 9:00-10:00pm Courtyard (Gazebo)



Come and swim amongst the party lights, glow sticks, and (fingers crossed!) giant inflatable dicks! And remember . . . no latex or body fuids in the pool! Friday 9:00pm-12:00am Pool



A Meet and Greet for the LGBTQ community over lunch! Brown bag your lunch (or order at the restaurant) and come meet some of your fellow LGBTQ kinskters. Open to all, including our allies. We’ll bring some fruit to share.



Join SSASE for their signature cupcakes and cocktails munch during TES Fest, this time open to all! Pink is the social color of SSASE, so dress in your brightest, pinkest outfit and come out and meet other peeps. It’s going to be a fun weekend!  Sunday 8:00-9:00pm Lounge


SUNDAY FORMAL TEA with SissyStephanie

A formal Tea will take place Sunday at mid day in the hotel lounge. Enjoy the delightful Sissy Maid Service led by Sissy Stephanie & hosts. Attendees should be appropriately attired for afternoon tea. Wear your special out ts, dresses, leathers, vests, tuxedos, suits & ties… beautiful fetish attire. We love hats, gloves, period pieces, latex, PVC, SteamPunk, etc.!
**No flip-flops, jeans or t-shirts, thank you. A strict dress code will be enforced and those not formally dressed will be denied entry until properly attired.
**Need to attend Tea Service Class on Saturday to serve

***Tickets may be purchased at the Hotel’s Front Desk. Sunday 12:00-3:00pm Lounge


TES HYPNOKINK LOUNGE with D-Artangan & ZanyM

Sometimes with these big events it’s hard to find a good, open space to flex your muscles as a hypnotist or subject. Maybe you’ve learned some great things at one or more of the TESFest hypnosis classes and want to see it put into action? If so, come check out the Hypnokink Lounge! Run by the TES Hypnokink Group, and very skilled subjects & hypnotists, this lounge acts as a lively and creative space to practice. Meet up with other kypno-kinksters of all skills levels and interests in an open and safe space to talk about your most beloved brainy kinks. All you need to bring is yourself, your brain, and your willingness to play and learn. We hope to see you there! Sunday 11:00pm-1:00am Boardroom A