2018 Classes


Times and rooms will be posted closer to the event.

TES Fest 2018 – Confirmed Classes thus far:

More to come so please stay tuned!

Aiden Fyre Bucking the Binary

Have you been hearing words like “Queer”, “Pansexual”, “Genderqueer”, “Transgender” and wished you could ask what they mean without offending someone? Want to explore the concepts of sex, gender, and orientation in a safe-space where the only wrong question is the one not asked? Whether you left the binary behind years ago or are curious about learning (but were too afraid to ask), come join us as we delve into the grey in this judgment-free workshop about gender, orientation and living in the undefined.

Aiden Fyre Foundations in Submission and Bottoming

In a scene that often focuses on the top and mastery of technique, the bottom and the essential skills for navigating the scene and relationships is often overlooked. This safe-space workshop will focus on role types and dynamics, networking, negotiation, knowing how to ask for what we want, discussing turn-ons and limits, safety, and more. *Open to bottoms & switches only.

Aiden Fyre Let It Flow 

From sexy and sensuous to downright dirty, people do water sports for all sorts of reasons. Whether it’s the humiliation of being pissed on or forced to pee in one’s clothing, to the feeling of submission or intimacy of being covered in a lover’s body fluids, the reasons why can be as diverse as the ways how. We’ll be looking into psychology, health, tips on how to get more recycled water… and explore ways to incorporate this delightfully taboo body fluid into play!

Andra Poloutropon Fuck Ichinawa, Just Connect

The class is based around the concept that rather than teaching people how to connect with rope, the real goal is to teach people how to unlearn habits we commonly have and stop not-connecting through rope. This is a hands on course that requires a partner people don’t mind getting very close to.

Andra Poloutropon Improving Your Rope Technique

This class will be taught using the “masterclass” format, but is open to students of all levels. For those unfamiliar with the format, a single student will get up and demonstrate something. The teacher provides feedback and ideas for improvement that not only that student, but the entire class can benefit from. This continues with successive students until the class ends. I emphasize that the class is for all levels since beginners can often learn a great deal from challenges that more advanced students grapple with and advanced students may be surprised by how much they can learn from watching those less experienced. The subject matter of the class will be “technique.” This is a broad subject that will include style, tension, and numerous other technical aspects, but will not include “patterns.” Accordingly, critique will not be given on whether a pattern was tied “correctly,” but advice will be given based on the other technical elements of the tie and the method of applying the rope, while taking into account the student’s intent. Please bring rope & a partner.

Andra Poloutropon Rope Handling 2 – Refining the Details and Skills for Performance

Rope handling is one of the most important skills for a rigger as it can directly affect speed, connection, tension, comfort, beauty, and precision.  This class picks up where Rope Handling 1 leaves off, rather than focusing on large movements and concepts, this class will focus on improving finger and hand technique to improve tying, refining the use of some skills learned in Rope Handling 1, and introduce rope handling techniques and ideas for performance, aesthetics, and suspension.  Students should have taken Rope Handling 1 or have equivalent knowledge of broader rope handling concepts.  Please bring rope and a partner (or find someone to tie in the class).

Andra Poloutropon Using the Spiderweb Rig in Suspension

Many conventions have a spiderweb rig located in the playspace, yet despite this, very rarely are riggers seen using the rig.  Often it is a rig of last resort for riggers, for when all other options are taken.  However, these rigs open up a great many possibilities to be explored.  The goal of this class is to present a number of ideas to students.  Students are expected to have some experience with suspension.  Most of this class will be Demo based, but hands on work will be encouraged time and space permitting.

Belle Beginning Suspension

You’ve decided that you’re ready to learn suspension? Great! This is the class for you. We are going to teach you to get your bottom in the air with a couple of basic suspension positions but also allowing you some creative license in where you put the rope and how you get them there. We will discuss the positions on a conceptual level and then give them a go.

Belle Bottoms Up! with JenRand

Bottom’s up! is a rope class designed around the new rope bottom but shares vital information for tops as well. As a hybrid lecture, discussion, and hands-on class, we will discuss healthy and fitness for rope, techniques for staying in rope longer, communication, and negotiation from the perspective of the bottom. Each section of the class also includes a hands-on activity in order to illustrate or help cement the content from that section. Sharing of personal experiences is strongly encouraged.

Belle Not TKs

People choose not to use TKs for a variety of reasons while tying but unfortunately many of the harnesses out there that aren’t TKs don’t function in the same way. In this class, we are going to look at the functional parts of a TK and recombine them into a variety of different chest harnesses stable enough to be suspended but without the same risks or problems associated with TKs.

Belle Suspension for Pain

Sometimes you really just want your bottom to suffer and that’s what this class is all about. We are going to explore techniques for causing extra pain on top of what is already experienced by the bottom when they’re in the air. We will mostly focus on techniques for creating positional pain or adding strain to an already stressful situation by applying torque, extra weight, and leverage. We’re going to explore these techniques for increasing pain in a controlled manner while focusing particularly on how the risks change and how to go about mitigating those risks.

Bigtip Advanced Estim

This class will include detailed discussions regarding advanced electrostimulation principles and techniques with a primary focus on stereostim. We will cover different types of equipment available, building your own accessories, multiple connections and tri-phase setups. The feature of the class is a step-by-step full demonstration of stereostim: using the software, creating and saving your own programs, and driving sessions in-person or by remote online.

Bosch Chicken Wings Aren’t Just for Eating

Chicken Wings, Frog Legs, Crab Legs… sounds like a feast! This class is all about bending an arm and/or leg together and tying it to itself and all of the wonderful possibilities, positions, and predicaments that present themselves. We will have fun incorporating our tied limbs into other ties and explore positioning possibilities for sex or stress (or both!) and a few ties especially designed for the sadists in all of us. Bring: 2-4 ropes 20+ feet in length

Bosch Rope Corset

We will work on 2 or 3 different ways of tying rope to completely cover and squeeze a body. We’ll work on ways of adding structure to the rope so that it does what corsets traditionally do, i.e. squeeze in the some places, support in others. We will explore the tools you need to design a number of different corsets to fit a number of different body types. Although corsets are traditionally worn around the torso, this technique can be modified for multiple parts of the body (or even two bodies if you get creative).

This class does NOT require a rope bottom nor does not require experience. We will be doing most of our work tying rope around our own thighs. Your own thighs are just easier and they don’t wiggle when you tickle them (usually).

Bosch Secret Wearable Rope

Do you like the feel of rope on your skin? Do you like the excitement of wearing rope to work, school, family gatherings or other vanilla settings? Do want to require your rope bottom to wear a rope reminder of their submission or to improve/modify their posture or the way they walk? This class is for you! We will talk about what’s possible to conceal and how to conceal it. Most ties we discuss can be modified for self-tying. We will also talk about rope diameter and texture and how that can add to the experience. We will also incorporate some simple microbondage ties and techniques. Bring: 1-2 ropes 20-30+ feet in length, and some smaller diameter rope or paracord you can cut up 10+ feet.

BoundToFly Heavy Duty: Suspending Bigger People

Nearly any body can be suspended, though as our bottoms get heavier, it tests us to get all the details right to get them up and down safely. As our bottoms get heavier, we have to adjust our ties to better spread the load, worry about the physics of lifting them, and to deal with the very real possibility that the rope may jam and our bottoms are too big to manhandle and get them down safely. The presenter regularly suspends men in the 200+ range, and his largest play partner is 6’7”, 325 lbs. Gleaning from his experience, we’ll be exploring tips and techniques for suspending people at the outer edges of our physical capabilities.

BoundToFly Rope 102: Harnesses and Hog Ties

After we’ve learned our basics, its time to have some more fun. Lets start exploring some more with sexy chest harnesses, and then take it down to the ground with some hog ties.

BoundToFly Playing with Gravity: Partial Suspensions for Fun & Torture 

In this workshop (or demo), we’ll be looking at all the fun that we can have with partial suspensions, from just starting out with a little extra “zip”, to predicament, connective slow playing, or truly tough positions that may be too difficult with full suspension. We’ll also look at some of the different ways to have fun, while always being aware of the level of risk we are playing at, as well as using gravity to heighten the sense of play.

BoundToFly Zero to Fun on Day One

Want to explore rope, but confused by all the apparent complexity? Scared by the possible risks of this style of play? In this fast paced workshop, learn the basics of safe rope bondage. and go home and have safe erotic play – today! This class, designed for newcomers to rope as well as kink, goes into the basics of safety, levels of risk, negotiation, consent, single column ties and connection. Participants leave feeling empowered and excited, with the knowledge to continue exploring rope bondage.

Needed: At least 8 long ropes, safety cutter, a partner if you want to participate (observers are allowed), suspension ring or 6 climbing rated carabiners Prerequisite: Must be comfortable doing basic suspension transitions. Must be able to quickly tie a solid suspendable TK, futomomo and single-column ties. The heart of a multiple transition scene or performance is levels. The positioning of different parts of the body at varying places in the space between the floor and the hardpoint. The class will be shown anchor line attachments and line management. Then they will be lead through a seemingly simple drill that will hone skills necessary to accomplish almost any transition.

Bumper Bootblack Needle Play 101 

This class is designed to give you very basic knowledge of Needle Play. We will discuss what it is, why we do it, how we do it, and how to be safe doing to it. We will start with some discussion and then I will provide an opportunity for those who want to try it from both the bottom and the top side. Supplies will be provided for the demo. This is a 101 class and will provide you with the basic fundamentals for beginning needle play./No requirements

Captain Mike Hypnokink: Can You See What I’m Saying

What is a modality? Why are they so important in hypnosis? And how can you harness their mighty power to create hypnotic experiences that are more effective and vivid? Captain Mike will run through the definitions and descriptions and then provide techniques for handling different modalities and expanding your own modality awareness.

Giotto Advanced Suspension

You’re feeling pretty confident about getting someone into the air. But what comes next? This class will walk you through a suspension transitions sequence that will include an inversion. Prerequisites- A suspendable chest harness, suspension experience (both model and rigger) What to bring- Rope, suspension ring/straps, carabiners, safety shears, etc

Giotto Bandana Play and Bondage The Back Pocket Play Bag

Giotto will show a variety of uses for bandanas: decoration, restraint, and impact toy including blindfold, gag, cuffs, bra, panties, collar and lead, flogger, and single tail. This class is not for the faint of heart. Bandanas are one of the most vicious toys in Giotto’s bag. This is a hands on class. Giotto has a large collection of bandannas to loan or students can bring their own. There will be screaming. There will be blood.

Giotto  Intermediate Suspension

Needed: At least 8 long ropes, safety cutter, a partner if you want to participate (observers are allowed), suspension ring or 6 climbing rated carabiners Prerequisite: Must be comfortable doing basic one position suspensions You’ve gotten a suspension – or thirty – off the ground and nobody died; now you and your partner want to explore more floaty fun. Let’s take a step up from the basics and start building skills that will take you from simple up and down suspensions to rigging for play, art and sex. Class will cover: Considerations for suspending in various positions. Many ways to lift into a suspension. How to attach anchor lines on a takate kote and other harnesses for face up face down and side suspensions. Adjusting positions in midair. And the obligatory safety lecture.

Giotto Lifts

A variety of ideas to get your bottom in the air including: step into, pull-aways, deadlifts, handstands, block and tackle, using a hoist, you pull yourself up and I’ll tie the rope, lift into and just jump. There will be something for every body size and physical condition.
Whether you’re a bodybuilder or a 70 pound delicate flower there are techniques that you can use to get someone airborn no matter their size or condition.

IrishGentleman71 & Meanstreakmilewide Law and Order: S&M

Come listen to and learn from a retired SVU Sergeant going head-to-head with a NYC Criminal Defense Attorney! What’s the real skinny on interacting with the police? How to avoid even having that encounter in the first place? What’s their best advice on what you can or can’t do – and your best next step when it all goes sideways? Join us for this must see back and forth! This is a must-see, with limited seating!

Jaden Screw You: Asexuality

No, when you cut off my arm I don’t grow a new person. Everyone knows there are different sexual preferences, but what about when your preference is no. Join Jaden for a discussion about asexuality. Whether you or someone you love is Asexual, or you just want to know more, come ask the questions you’ve never had a chance to ask.

Lord Ramirez Bullwhips I

This a part 1 class is for using the bullwhip in play and introducing vocabulary and techniques. The class will cover range, stance, as well as underhand, sidearm, overhand and circus cracks as they are used in play. We will also cover alternate non-throw uses of the whip in play. The exercises taught will build upon one another to optimize your progression. As this is a technique and practice class, is recommended that you bring a bullwhip to this class. This class will continue in Part 2 so it is highly recommended to attend this first.

Lord Ramirez Bullwhips II

This second part class is for using the bullwhip in play. Student interested in this class should already know the underhand, overhand, sidearm and circus cracks, or have attended Bullwhips 1 before taking, this class will build upon those throws.  Techniques learned in this class will include repeating cracks, and whip wraps.
Lord Ramirez Hojujitsu for BDSM
In this workshop, we will apply some of the rope principles from Hojojutsu (the traditional martial art shibari is based on) for erotic fun in BDSM play. Using simple ties in resistance play as well as immobilization, and psychological play. Students should come prepared with a partner, as well as rope (at least four 25 or 30ft lengths) and an emergency rope cutting tool i.e. EMT shears.

Lord Ramirez Florentine Flogging I

This is a part 1 class to Florentine flogging. We will be going over drills to learn basic movements and techniques when with one flogger in each hand. We will cover synchronized and split time, forward and reverse spins, as well as throwing on vertical, horizontal and diagonal planes. This class is geared for the newcomer to Florentine style. As this is a technique and practice class, it is recommended that you bring a pair of matched floggers with you, or two different floggers that are close to the same size and weight. The class will continue in Florentine Flogging II, so it is highly recommended to attend this first.

Lord Ramirez Florentine Flogging II

In Part 2 o Florentine flogging. Students interested in this  class should already know be familiar with forward and reverse throws, and well as split and synchronized timing, or have attended Florentine Flogging I. This class will teach 6 count weaves and right and left spinning both in split and synchronized time. As this is a technique and practice class, it is recommended that you bring a pair of matched floggers with you, or two different floggers that are close to the same size and weight.

Meanstreakmilewide Alternate Endings: Concious and Compassionate Uncoupling in Power Exchange

A discussion on how to deal with the often intense, confusion and harmful feelings that accompany the end of power exchange relationships and how to navigate them in ways that are different than non power exchange relationships with the focus on allowing healing that can be faster, safer and more complete for all parties and the community. This will include a discussion from both the Dom and submissive perspective and how their roles, needs, and feelings will require special attention.

Meanstreakmilewide Poly Want A Beating?

Join Meanstreakmilewide and he discuss ideas he have gathered from his time in the polyamorous community and how he is applying and adapting them to power exchange. Drawing on two 7 and 8 year Master/slave polyamorous relationships, that includes over 6 years with a complimentary partner, and 4 as a power exchange poly family, he will discuss the successes and failures; trials and errors (and errors and errors) while exploring some of the pitfalls and solutions he has found in non-monogamous power exchange relationships. Topics include: expectations of work in non-monogamy; planning and building a successful extended power dynamic; when and how to use power exchange to address multi-partner issues; and practical tips for better problem solving, listening and communication skills.

MissLolaSmiles Caning 101 – Feel the Sting

The class will cover the different types of canes, caring and storing canes, and of course caning techniques. Ms. Lola Smiles will demonstrate on our willing demo bottom basic caning techniques. Her ass turns the loveliest shades of red 😉

MissLolaSmiles CBT 101

Torturing the Family Jewels – CBT 101 Class & Demo ☆ Ms. Lola Smiles will be presenting on one of her favorite kinks CBT – Cock & Ball Torture.  The class will cover basic CBT including techniques, implements, safety, and aftercare

MissLolaSmiles CBT 201

Calm Down I’m Just Busting Your Balls – CBT 201 Class & Demo ☆ Ms. Lola Smiles will present on one of her favorite activities Ballbusting, crushing, stomping and other assorted impact play for the family jewels.  The class will cover safety, techniques, and implements.  You will learn how to optimally kick, stomp, crush, step, punch, pull, I can go on lol.

Miss Vixen E-Stim 101: Achieving Electric Ecstasy and Hands

We’ll start with a PowerPoint presentation to explain how it all works. You’ll learn about basic principles from surface area to conductivity and how to understand the lingo. We’ll run through the equipment from power units to cables and adapters and demo some accessories. Afterwards there will be a Q&A and individual demos. Bring your own equipment and accessories if you have them, for in-depth assistance in their use and applications. Or purchase some from our vendor booth before class. After your time with us you’ll be well equipped to explore electric eroticism and on your way to many hands-free orgasms.

MrDream Hypnokink: Exploration and Resonance

Exploration is the anticipation of the unknown and rather than treating hypnosis as simple control, we will show that the unconscious capabilities both defy expectation and can lead to excitement and adventure no matter what the scene. Resonance is the feeling that your responses and your partners responses are feeding back, causing intense connection and powerful outcomes. If you are looking to enhance your experience of kink and hypnosis, this class will help you master the fundamental concepts of Exploration and Resonance, leading to intimate, kinky, dynamic scenes with your partner. The ideas and exercises are useful both for long term partners as well as pickup play. We will also explore how the Ericksonian model of hypnosis is well adapted to this kind of play, including concepts like utilization, interspersion, and surprise. While intermediate to advanced subjects and hypnotists will learn how to utilize their existing knowledge in a new way, novices are encourage to attend and learn a well defined, easy to follow practical approach to creating extraordinary hypnotic experiences through meaningful responsiveness and awareness. The class will include exercises suitable for established partners as well as those who meet at the class with a goal to not just teach the hypnotist how to practice their craft, but to establish shared mutual exploration as the first step and ultimate goal of every scene.

MrDream Hypnokink: Negotiating and Building Dynamic Scenes

One challenge, especially for newer partners, involves a means to negotiate and explore dynamic scenes while maintaining both mutual desire and well defined consent. We approach the paradox of negotiating for a scene in which the activities, and even the outcome, may be unknown. By utilizing ideas inspired by Georg Barkus, dialectics, and alchemy, we will provide a systematic approach to create organic hypnokink scenes. Even a small number of ingredients can create an almost infinite number of possibilities. This class shows you how even pickup play can be made fluid as a mutual exploration.
This class is well suited to any level of experience for subject or hypnotist as well as those who are interested in more fluid play in general kink scenes. This class will include exercises and a demonstration of a dynamic scene.

Nauttiboy FirePlay: Turning Up the Heat

The kiss of fire is quite an experience, NOW let’s turn up the heat. Take what you know to the next level with a different look at fireplay. Also learn to make your own batons. From the “drum” of a baton to the zap of a wand, fireplay truly gets HOT.

OkieNawa Futomomo Zuri

Futomono The bent leg thigh suspension has captivated quite a few people for about a decade. Two techniques will be explored in this class. One technique that is decorative and one that can be used for suspension. Participants will need the following: one suspension ring or 3 carabiners, 3-5 ropes that are 7-8 meters (25 feet) and 5-6 mm in diameter (1/4 to 3/8 of an inch in diameter). Natural (Hemp and Jute) fiber is recommended for this class

OkieNawa Sideways Suspension- Yokozuri

The yokozuri or a sideways suspension has been a staple for many individuals who practice suspension bondage. This class will explore the “Park Bench Pose”. All participants must know how to tie a suspension-worthy chest harness (hands in front, hands free or hands behind the back are acceptable techniques). The instructor will be using a three rope takatekote of his own design. Participants will need the following: one suspension ring or 5 carabiners, 7-10 ropes that are 7-8 meters (25 feet) and 5-6 mm in diameter (1/4 to 3/8 of an inch in diameter). Participants who do not know how to tie a suspension-worthy chest harness can observe. Natural or synthetic ropes are acceptable for this class.

OkieNawa Suspension Transitions

The purpose of this class is to discuss the concept of suspension transition and apply this concept to the process for this course. The progression that will be explored in this class will be a yokozuri, changing heights, to an embryo, park bench, changing height to original level, then touchdown. This is an intermediate class. Participants (both top and bottom) must have experience with at least a static suspension. The instructor will be using a three rope takatekote of his own design. Participants will need the following: one suspension ring or 5 carabiners, 7-10 ropes that are 7-8 meters (25 feet) and 5-6 mm in diameter (1/4 to 3/8 of an inch in diameter). Participants who do not know how to tie a suspension-worthy chest harness can observe. Natural or synthetic ropes are acceptable for this class.

OkieNawa Throwing Rope on Your Partner…. Well

Ganji garame is a form of rope mummification. This approach to tying will focus on a basic structure that can be used for a partial suspension, however more attention will be given to the process and the energy exchanged between the individuals who are engaging in this activity. Elements of shame and objectification will be explored. Participants will need the following: one suspension ring or 3 carabiners, 7-10 ropes that are 7-8 meters (25 feet) and 5-6 mm in diameter (1/4 to 3/8 of an inch in diameter). Participants who do not know how to tie a suspension-worthy chest harness can observe. Natural or synthetic ropes are acceptable for this class.

Orpheus Black Fireplay 

Fire Play is the erotic use of fire for the sole purpose of sexual arousal. Fire play is one of the most extreme of sexual encounters two people can experience. The look and the feel of fire play is unmistakable. Because this form of fire play has the potential to be dangerous you should not try this with out receiving training from a professional. Basic Fire Safety: Preparing private or public fire play scenes, checking tools, fuel storage and transportation, safety equipment and measures, treating burns. Preparing your partner: Easing fears, outlining safety protocols, negotiating safe words, phrases and gestures, cultivating the head space. Technique: Types of torches brushes and their differences, review of basic torching methods and basic cupping, tips and tricks. Advanced Techniques: Fire Painting Techniques: How to perform half body trails and full torso transfers, Advanced Fire Cupping: Demonstration of horning, using cups as tie points and leads, Torching Techniques: Safely combining rope bondage and fire play, safely increasing the heat and intensity of the flame.

Orpheus Black  KnifePlay 
Unlike the other classes I have taught, this Blade Play class will highlight different types of bladed instruments such as knives, swords, hatchets, axes, etc… for those that already have knife play experience. We will also cover:

• Different types of knives, their specific use, and how to use them: In this portion we examine different types of knives, their properties, and how they should be applied.

• Choosing what blade is best for you and your sub: We will examine the relationship between the unholy trilogy (the Dom, the blade, and the sub) and how each fits into a scene. Also, we will show other items that can be used in place of knives that will give you the same effect (pervertables).

• Blade technique and control: This portion covers finding a knife’s dynamic focal or balance point, points on the body that cause the best sensation, different styles of blade play, and explaining the differences between cutting and blood letting. This portion will also provide different tips and tricks to improve control over your blade and your sub during a knife scene.

Demo: We will do a number of blade play scenes in order to demonstrate these techniques first hand.

Orpheus Black Ring Training

The Erotic Art of Ring Training is a form of slave training that focuses on refining the movements of the body through the use of rings that are balanced on the collar and cuffs. This form of training refines a subs grace, poise and endurance while simultaneously conditioning the body. This fun and sexy form of training can also be incorporated into: Domestic Discipline High protocol and service training Gorean slave training Predicament play Used as a tool to improve impulse control and self/ spatial awareness Or used as a fun way to explore psychological and mental control. You won’t want to miss this one.

Pinky & Gleefulabandon Hypnokink: So You Want to Be Hypnotized

Now that you’ve decided you want to bottom for hypnosis, do you feel daunted by where to begin? Are you full of questions, or not even sure what it is you should be asking? Fear not; Pinky and Gaby have been through it all, and are here to help! New or newish bottoms (and everyone of all experience levels) are welcome to learn about a myriad of topics, from how to know if you’re in trance, to scene negotiation, to tackling myths, and much, much more! Not a subject? Not a problem! Come on down to get a little more insight into the other side of the hypno-coin. Join us for caring, sharing, and staring (at shiny things!)

Sir Vice  From the Ground Up – Flogging

Improve your flogging technique by learning how to use ground force and the kinetic chain.  This class will teach you single and double (Florentine) flogging techniques to significantly improve endurance and force.  Be prepared with practical exercises and bring your floggers with you.  Partners are not required, but would be helpful.

Sir Vice Negotiation and Consent 101

We often think about consent as giving our Yes or No to someone, but how do you get there? This workshop focuses on the nature and art of Negotiation as a collaborative effort between parties with a focus on creating the best experiences and relationship for happiness and satisfaction.

Sir Vice Seizing Control with Joint Locks and Balance

Whether you enjoy taking physical control, pain-play, take-downs, or primal, knowing exactly where and how to place force can make all the difference.  This workshop will be an interactive partnered session to review the use of pressure points and joint locks to create maximum effect with a minimum of effort. Use it for subtle purposes to “insist” on obedience, to intensify play experiences, or to create situational predicaments.  Definitely for those that enjoy torturing (or being tortured by) their partners.   Interactive: class requires space for attendees to practice with a partner.

Soumise IdeoKINKesis – How Your Brain Can Top Your Body

Learn how you can use imagery and specific self talk to release physical restrictions, improve posture and gain ease in movement or holding specific positions. Whether you are looking to increase your range of motion for more variety of play positions and activities, move more easily through positions or service rituals, or improve your resiliency in recovering from challenging play, this class may interest you. For those into Erotic Hypnosis, this class may integrate well with techniques you are already using. This class is designed for participation throughout. A bath towel or mat is suggested for the portions laying on the floor.

Soumise SITuational Play

What to do when one partner needs to be seated due to health or physical limitations. Sometimes this means a partner is in a wheelchair, other times having a person playing seated can be helpful to those with joint problems, balance issues, or for people who need to use assistive mobility devices. This class will look at options primarily for impact and sensation play. Variations for both the top and the bottom will be discussed and demonstrated. Attendees are encouraged to share their challenges if we don’t cover that situation and we look forward to hearing solutions that have worked for you as well.

Soumise Slave Posture for Health and Happiness

Slave postures are often part of a power exchange relationship, be it a 24/7 TPE relationship or a way to deepen your connection when things aren’t to that point yet. For those not currently in a relationship, the postures can be a way to maintain a connection to this side of their personality and provide a kinesthetic sense of structure. This class will focus on the postures from the point of view of the right side of the slash. Looking at why the postures foster a submissive mindset and (how they can make you feel downright sexy). What some of the commonly used postures are and what they represent. A series of postures will be taught with transitions between each posture. Practiced in a slow and controlled fashion, this series is a nice workout for your whole body (not to mention mind and soul). If you would like to participate, wear clothes you are comfortable moving in and if you have movement restrictions a beach or bath towel is suggested for some modifications.

Spike Close at Hand Impact

Floggers are great and whips are fun but nothing compare to the immediate and mutual feedback you get with hands on, over the knee, bodies touching play. In this class we will explore various spanking techniques the basic use of canes, paddles, tawse, and straps. No matter whether the focus of you play is disciplinary, sadistic, or sexual, the techniques taught in this class will get you on your way to creating fun and satisfying scenes for you and your partners. This class is part demo and then open for willing and consensual participation. Please feel free to bring your toys.

stoopzkitty Kinky Aqua Zumba 

Fitness for all levels of rhythm, coordination and fitness! No pressure fun zone! Clothing optional.

Trinity D/s 101

So now you’ve done it! You’ve gone and created a d/s dynamic with someone. Now what do you do? For the s-type, that might seem easy. You obey. But what if you don’t like what you’re being told to do? What if you think there’s a better way of doing something than what your d-type wants you to do? Aren’t s-types supposed to follow blindly?

And for d-types, do you really have to pick out the clothes your s-type wears every day? What happens if you’ve had a rough day and you just want a hug? Is it okay to show a softer side? Do you always have to be strict all the time? And what about all the rituals and protocols? How do you do that?

If you’re just starting out, once the initial excitement of beginning a d/s dynamic wears off, d/s can seem really daunting. In this class, we’ll talk about how to figure out what sort of d/s dynamic fits well for all parties involved. We’ll discuss creating meaningful rituals and protocols that will be more than just rules. And we’ll talk about how to keep d/s going when the vanilla world encroaches, as it inevitably will. Come prepared to learn and to share your own ideas and thoughts on d/s!

Trinity To Newbie, With Love

Stepping out into the real life BDSM community can be scary and intimidating. A lot of new folks are nervous about what might be expected of them, of what they can expect. We’ve all been newbies at some point so everyone knows that feeling! When we’re new to a community—any community, really—we sometimes come in with assumptions of others or fears about how we’ll be received. Unlike most BDSM 101 type classes, this isn’t about how to explore kink. This is specifically about stepping out into the kink community and surviving!

In this session, we’ll talk about some of the realities of the real life community versus stereotypes or perceived expectations and what the possibilities are in getting more involved. We’ll discuss how to keep safe, how to figure out who’s trustworthy and who’s not. If you’re new to the community or just considering stepping out, you’ll likely find this dialog helpful. Those who are not new to the community are very welcome to come, listen, learn, and add to the discussion!

UnderGroundSea 10 Tips to Ace BDSM

See the different ways being involved in a BDSM community can help you. Take away 10 tips for how to become involved in online and offline BDSM communities, whether locally or across different cities–and how to do it well!

UnderGroundSea Overcoming Anxiety about Social Anxiety

Are you shy or have social anxiety? Do you want to get more out of BDSM events and your local community? Have you had a difficult or awkward moment and want to bounce ideas about how to deal with a similar situation in future? Take away a list of ideas that have helped the instructor and other attendees succeed in this goal.

Wiseguy Hypnokink: Induction Starter Kit

Versatility is key to being a successful hypnotist. In this extended workshop, Wiseguy presents a set of inductions that will give you the ability to hypnotize people in a variety of ways so that you can suit the induction to each partner. Bring a practice partner if you can; people willing to be practiced on are extremely welcome.

Wiseguy Hypnokink: Ways of Making You Talk: Hypnotic Interregation 

There is nothing quite like a well-run interrogation scene. As a top, interrogations will challenge your creativity and ingenuity; as a bottom, they give you a chance to safely place yourself into an extreme situation. In this class we will go over the essential elements of an interrogation scene, including how to negotiate it and logistical considerations. Then Wiseguy delves into tactics for interrogators and how hypnosis can be used to turn up the intensity and effectiveness of information-extracting techniques. The class concludes with a demonstration scene plotted with the assistance and suggestions of the audience.