The following is an expected list of classes for TES Fest 2019. Please Note: All classes and events in are subject to change, cancellation, or attendance limitations without notice.


Sexy, Safe and Pain Free Anal
Nookie Notes
Based on my book In Through The Out Door, this class is for those of you curious about anal, but (get it, butt? LOL!) worried about the pain, the mess, the ghey, and more. Come and spend some time with me learning about spear-fishing for poop sharks! Smiles

Strap-On for All Gender Identities
Using a Strap-On Harness can be a fun addition to any kind of play! Come learn all the different variations!!! We will go over play with all types of body sizes and genitalia. Come learn every combo of people imaginable. Play for Trans folks and Cis folks will be demonstrated and discussed. I will show you how to choose your harness, choose your dildo, choose your lube, and how to use it all!! This class is a lot of fun, and includes many harnesses and dildos to try out! Come ready to volunteer or just watch!

Going Primal-RRAWWR!
Sir Vice & Soumise
Get your blood pumping and your heart racing as we explore the intensity of Primal as both play and state of being.  Understand why it Primal play produces such intensity, how it impacts us physically and emotionally, and techniques to make your engagement more dynamic and enjoyable.   We’ll talk about engaging the primitive mind, elements of D/s and the Hunter/Prey model, and stimulating the visceral and sensual experience.  

Risk Assessment For Masters
Raven Kaldera
Mastering another human being – whether part-time or full-time – is a constant act of risk assessment. How far can I push my s-type? What price will I pay if I do? What limits can be challenged, and which ones should be left alone? If I don’t push them, will they feel grateful or like I think they’re weak? What if I gamble and fail? This class will discuss the edges of the art of creating the Owner’s Manual, with tips and advice for the people on the top of the power exchange. While this class is geared toward M-types, the s-types are absolutely welcome to come along as well.

Mental Health and Kink
This class is similar to an unconference(s) where the event has a general guideline of topic, but allows for variability. Dee1234 will answer questions the class attendees have regarding mental health and kink. Her doctoral level education, history of presenting in the kink community, and her extensive experience in multiple settings/populations in her practice as a psychologist has led her to have the ability to speak on a variety of mental health & kink subjects. It is called an unclass as Dee1234 will facilitate the class around the questions the attendees have which will bring this class to a more personal level for both Tops and bottoms; newbies and experienced kinksters. A brief discussion on how mental health impacts negotiation, play, achieving subspace, the intensity of subdrop, etc. will also be included. This discussion will be brief in order to leave time for questions. Via the questions the attendees ask we will discuss possible changes in scene construction, how psychopharmacology impacts kink, suggested changes for negotiation, and or how changes to the aftercare plan may help increase the fun and emotional safety of all involved.

Kinky Creativity
You may not want to be a hypnosis smut writer or a domme known for her imaginative public scenes, but just about everyone can liven up their play by thinking about what they’re doing in a new way. This class will be highly interactive, I will have pens and paper and lead the group in lots of exercises to stimulate creative thinking. I hope everyone will leave this class planning something new!

The Beauty of Objectification
Vintage Kinky Doll
Being desired is one of the most powerful feelings we as humans have. It affirms us, validates us and turns us on. We crave objectification. Are you strong enough to admit it? Whether you want to be the object of their desire or a physical object they can use and abuse, objectification is a natural craving. We will discuss the different ways people can be objectified and the empowering feelings you can get from it.

Points of Interest
Think needle play is like getting your blood drawn? Think again. Needle Play can be sensual or terrifying, artistic or practical, light or heavy on pain, and fun. Come learn why people enjoy needles and the risks associated with needle play from Carnal_Knowledge. We will announce the demo in advance so that squemish folks may leave before the blood start flowing.

Doll Play
Madeline and Alex
Doll play is a broad topic that has many more facets than some people realize.  This class will give an overview of the types of doll play that are commonly done and how different forms can be adjusted depending on the doll’s body, needs, and the desires of those involved.  We will discuss resources for doll play, including how to find or make doll clothes, what kind of accessories are commonly (or uncommonly) used, etc. We will cover the different kinds of headspace that might occur during doll play, and how it differs from “normal” bottom headspace.  We will also show our personal transformation process and the kinds of fun that can be had with our particular dolly.

Rope 102: Harnesses and Hog Ties
Bound to Fly
After you’ve learned your rope basics and a single column tie, where do you go from there?  This class explores two mainstays of rope bondage: a chest harness and hog ties. We’ll play with chest harnesses that work on men as well as women, and then take our play down to the ground where we’ll try a few different hog ties.  Bring a pad or yoga mat and 2 pieces of ¼” (6mm) rope 25-30 ft long to tie!

Sensual Steel- The Art of Erotic Knifeplay
Sensual Steel is an introduction to the art of erotic knifeplay. Whether novice or experienced, learn to incorporate knives into your scenes using knives solely or as a tool to elicit the desired response. We’ll also discuss the care and cleaning of your blades both in and out of the dungeon, safety tips to minimize risk to you and your partner, as well as aspects of the law you need to know. So come let the steel seduce you regardless of which end of the blade you’re on.

Unequal Partnerships: A Collaborative Model of Dominance/ submission
Mistress Sky
This is an interactive presentation that makes the case for a non-adversarial or collaborative dominant/submissive partnership. Many couples (or poly) need a more collaborative approach to D/s (M/s) instead of the traditional adversarial model. Partnership is the core value here. I will bring many real life examples. You can expect a thorough explanation of the differences between adversarial and collaborative. Expect hands on exercises that demonstrate what these are like. You’ll get to try them on and see how you feel. No prior knowledge is needed. Everyone—singles, couples, and poly households—is welcome.

Sissification For Newbies
D20domme & Luckypuppy
In this class we’ll explore the concept behind what society defines as a “real man” and how to feel comfortable expressing your sissiness. 

The Corset Class….How and Where to Buy, How to Tie And How to Correctly Wear a Corset!
Ma’am Karen & BumperBootblack
Do the words “Honey, would you lace me into my corset?” send you into a panic? Does the thought of trying to squeeeeeze all that voluptuousness that is wonderful you, into a corset, seem beyond daunting? Do you even know how to properly wear a corset? Or how to tie one? Or worse still….where do you buy a quality one? How do you know what size to buy? And are there different kinds of corsets? And can I really afford one?

This class is all about the hows and whys of corsets and corsetry….and not just for the wearers……also for the “tie-ers” and the appreciators! Very Hands on….so bring your corsets, and we’ll all practice together! And Gentlemen, this isn’t just a class on getting your beloved into a corset…..or just for ladies…….tying a corset is an ART! Come learn to be a corset artist!

Service What is it and Why do People Crave it
This class will look at what service is and what it means to many in the BDSM lifestyle. When we think of service our minds tend to go certain places on the service spectrum: domestic, administrative, sexual and waitstaff based services all come to mind quickly and usually are focusing on the right side of the slash. Often forgotten are the service contributions from the left side of the slash as well as looking at what drives people from both sides of the slash to want to serve. All of these areas will be covered and discussed with interactive exercises to help you learn more about your feelings towards service and what you might be looking to receive from serving or being served.

Beyond the Kitchen Table: Modes and Models of Parallel Polyamory
Many polyamorous “authorities” can present kitchen-table or full-entwinement cohabitating groups as the holy grail of polyam interactions, and while these are valid relationship styles that work well for many people, boundaries and relationship shapes that fall outside that framework can be equally positive and healthy, and giving folks the tools to more intentionally approach these issues can help avoid guilt and bad feelings around them.

Fucking With Gender
Carter Brûlée
Let’s be real, gender is a complex and multifaceted construct. There are so many aspects from gender identity, to gender presentation, and gender expression, before we even get into the societal contributions and gender roles and expectations. This class focuses on the many diverse ways you can play with gender in kink. Whether you are hoping to explore alternative presentations, affirm someone’s identity, embarrass them, or play with darker things like gender dysphoria, this discussion-based class explores the many facets of gender play and discusses negotiation considerations, strategies for fucking with gender in your play. 

Geezers and Groaners: Aging and Disabilities in Master/slave Relationships
Sir James and slave wendy
Aging is something we all do. Disabilities affect some of today and impact more of us as we get older. Does this mean the M/s dynamic has to end?  Are you less of a slave if you can’t kneel? In this class, we will examine how the effects of aging or challenges in ability can impact M/s relationships.  This discussion includes simple steps to creatively re-think protocols and service and invigorate any relationship impacted by these challenges.

Femdom: Finding Your Feminine Leadership Style
There is a lot online and in print about domination, mostly male-oriented, because, let’s face it, there are more of them than us. There is still a lot about femdom out there, too, though. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of that is actually written by men, too, being over-sexualized and fantastical. This class is about the real deal. How to find YOUR perfect balance of hot, sexy, tough, firm, loving, sweet, and whatever else you want to throw in the pot. Based on my series of Women in Charge books (available directly, posting on Amazon Soon).

Comedy Condoms
A light hearted and interactive (also with a live model or dildos)  look at the history of condoms, including tips and tricks to make condom use more effective, and fun.


Art of Erotic Healing
Orpheus Black
This is a class that views BDSM as more than a method of intimate and sexual expression.  It illustrates how we as practitioners can transform BDSM into a spirit-ritual that can focus on one’s health and wellness as much as it does sadism and masochism. 

This class will talk about creating sacred space for play, converting slave positions in to meditative postures, using aroma therapy as an anchor into sub space and using healing herbs oils and ointments as a method of accelerating the bodies natural healing process.  NOTE: SCENTED PRODUCTS WILL BE USED IN THIS CLASS.

Heavy Duty: Suspending Larger People
BoundTo Fly
Nearly any body can be suspended, though as our bottoms get bigger, it tests us to get all the details right to get them up and down safely.  As our bottoms get heavier, we have to adjust our ties to better spread the load, worry about the physics of lifting them, and to deal with the very real possibility that the rope may jam and our bottoms are too big to manhandle and get them down safely.  The presenter regularly suspends men in the 200+ range, and his largest play partner is 6’7”, 325 lbs. Gleaning from his experience, we’ll be exploring tips and techniques for suspending people at the outer edges of our physical capabilities. The class will also involve modifying participant’s favorite harnesses to better suit our needs.

Communicating Risk: Creating Informed Consent
Risk aware consent lets us ethically and responsibly indulge in our darkest fantasies, but getting there isn’t always easy. From both the bottom and the top perspective, what should you ask or tell to help your partner fully understand what you want to do, and where your limits are? What do you need to disclose in order to ensure that your partner’s consent is adequately informed? Come discuss the complexities of negotiating scene limits, develop skills for communicating your needs your own needs, and learn tips for helping your partner(s) communicate theirs.

Using Hypnosis to Control Arousal, Orgasms and Chastity
Lee Allure
There’s a reason that much of the community calls what we do “Erotic Hypnosis”. There’s something intrinsically sexy about hypnosis – it’s intimate, vulnerable, collaborative, powerful… and it’s often explicitly erotic, sensual, and sexual. Can you imagine intense arousal from just a touch or a word? Have you fantasizaed about orgsms on demand? Are you fascinated by the notion of having your arousal and orgasms controlled by another person? Maybe you want to explore chastity with a hypnotic key instead of a metal one? Whatever your motivation, adding hypno play to your sexy play produces amazing results. Come let Lee Allure show you how! This class is appropriate for both individuals and couples. If you come with a partner we will encourage you to also practice with other people so you can get to know how different people go into trance and respond to suggestion. If you come alone we will work to set you up with practice partners. This workshop presumes you have SOME experience with hypnosis, and is appropriate for all genders and orientations. You can bring a partner or a friend, but coming alone is completely comfortable and appropriate.

Compression the Art of the Squeeze
This class is all about intimate squeezing and how a good squeeze can turn your play into something much more delicious

Ownership 101
Sir Vice
What it is Ownership, why do some seek or crave it, and what does it imply?  In the BDSM lifestyle, D/s relationships often work towards developing a sense of ownership for a variety of reasons important to the dominant and submissive.  This session will explore the concept of ownership as well as the emotional draw and consequences of fostering a sense of ownership emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Emotional Edgeplay
Raven Kaldera & Joshua Tenpenny
Why do people play with real fear, humiliation, and even (gasp!) anger in scenes? Granted, it’s not to everyone’s taste, but what’s the appeal in risking yourself emotionally, the way that other edgeplayers risk themselves physically? Is it therapeutic, or just really hot? Tops may wonder how to make things real enough while still making the bottom feel safe; bottoms may wonder what actually is safe. We’ll delve into the depths of these controversial practices, which many more people are playing with than they’ll ever admit.

Not So Random Acts of Sadism
Amongst all these delectable activities we engage in, acts of sadism in their various forms are among the most popular and diverse means with which we express ourselves, provoke reactions and get our rocks off.

In this class, Sasori will cover his favorite brands of sadistic play, including pressure points, hand based impact, and body manipulation. We will cover the concept of each type of play, basic technique, risks involved, and negotiation considerations.

Negotiating While Fractionated
Lee Allure
We’ve probably all heard someone say “Don’t renegotiate when you’re in the middle of trance!” but what happens when you’re at a weekend long hypno con, and whether you’re a hypnotist or a subject, you’ve been doing so much trance that you’re already in an altered state by Friday night? Should you just stop interacting with people in any way because you might unduly influence someone/be influenced by someone? What if you’ve made plans to negotiate a scene or even a demo with someone and want to make sure you’re going to do it well? In this class/workshop, we’ll explore: how to recognize when a partner is impaired/fractionated, how much, and in what way, whether it’s all right to negotiate with a fractionated partner and how this changes between familiar and new partners. We’ll also explore how a subject can make themself a more resilient negotiator, recognize their own state and determine what acceptable risk and mitigation is for themselves, in addition to ways to set and enforce boundaries for your own mind and how to make sure you’re clear on what those boundaries are for the minds of those you’ll work with. We’ll look at ways to ensure that what you do is as safe and appropriate for you and your partners throughout an event, as it would be when you’re completely conscious and alertly awake.

Polyamory and Power Exchange Relationships
Power Exchange Relationships, or D/s relationships, are a subset of BDSM that can take many forms and degrees, and that share as a common thread negotiated inequality between partners – control being largely or entirely held by one partner. The common language of polyamory and polyamorous theory can at times seem to be at odds with this, because of the focus on autonomy, personal responsibility, and intensive and ongoing communication and boundaries. This class is going to break down some common problems encountered when combining D/s dynamics and polyamorous relationship styles, and offer some strategies for working through those common pitfalls.
Topics include:
-Creating an egalitarian container within the D/s dynamic to negotiate polyamorous concerns and network structure
-Pre-negotiation of some relationship terms and when that technique can be applied
-Differentiating similar power exchange relationships within a polycule
-Including a D/s relationship in an otherwise egalitarian network
-Negotiating the interaction of different power exchange relationships – is my Dom’s Master mine? (Only if you negotiate it!)
-Resources to refer to when considering these dynamics

Blood Choking 101
Blood Choking 101 is a class all about blood choking. This class will start with the basics and then delve into more advanced concepts. We will discuss chokes ranging from slight neck pressure to loss of consciousness. It will cover the physiological process behind choking, different safety-conscious methods of choking, the mechanics of passing out, and a comprehensive breakdown of the risks involved in choking someone out. This class is a lecture with demos.

Get Switchy With It: Navigating Play Dynamics As a Switch
Carter Brulee
Two switches walk into a dungeon, neither knows who’s in charge so they wind up awkwardly staring at each other, before leaving, going home, and masturbating out of frustration while quietly weeping. Don’t let this happen to you! Learn how to navigate through an experience when there aren’t rigid power dynamics involved!

Dynamics in kink are often thought of as bottom and top, dominant and submissive, sadist and masochist. But what happens when both partners are switches? How do you establish a relationship dynamic when both partners want to play multiple roles? How do you set scenes and have play that fulfills each person? How do you negotiate and set boundaries around role switching? Part of the fun of switching for many is fluidity, but fluidity can sometimes complicate our dynamics in play. This workshop focuses on creating dynamics and navigating play between switches. We will discuss strategies for negotiating dynamics and play as well as role transitions. The class is meant to provide things to think about in your own negotiations and play as well as be a venue to share your ideas with others!

Intro to Needles

Are you intrigued by needle play, but not sure where to start? Do you find needles a bit intimidating, and want information to help you feel more comfortable? In this 101 class, we’ll discuss some of the dreadful delights and sexy scenes needles can offer. Then we’ll learn how to prepare, play, and clean up safely, and we’ll cover the basics of placing and removing needles.

Techniques For Play With a Singletail
This workshop will begin with a goal of introducing techniques that will get your whip out of the bottom of your toy bag and into use in the dungeon. Static and beginning dynamic throws will be taught. The focus of the workshop is beginning whip techniques that directly relate to dungeon play. While basics of whips and whip throwing will be covered the true focus of the workshop is relating common dungeon toys and techniques to transferring those skills to adaptation with a singletail.

Ritual Binding
Orpheus Black
A class that blends the Japanese arts of Kinbaku (Binding a person tightly) and Shingon (Sacred Words) into one contextual practice that is designed to both liberate the mind while grounding the body.
By creating a safe and sacred space, the bound individual is able to experience a transient state where they are able to not only explore a deeper meaning of self but open their self to higher planes of existence through the implementation of shingon; sacred words.  

High Protocol:Verbal Restrictions and Positions
D20domme & Luckypuppy
Do you have a desire to learn the art of High Protocol Tea service? Would you like to be trained to serve or receive this type of formal service? Does the idea of rigid verbal and physical restrictions excite you?

“Smokin’ Hot!” Cigar Play and Cigar Service for Everyone!
Ma’am Karen and Bumper Bootblack
Cigar smoking is a very social activity. And whether it’s a vanilla setting or a kinky or Leather one, there are any number of ways to enjoy a cigar. This class is designed to make cigars much more accessible to everyone who is interested…….Tops, bottoms, and across the gender spectrum! We hope to change your perception……and give you some new tools and play ideas!  We’ll go over the basics of cigars: How to select, cut, light, and smoke a “proper” cigar, and then we’ll show you how to use that cigar in several kinds of play and service. Feel free to bring your own cigars if you have them….we encourage everyone who wants to, to smoke along with us! We will also have sticks available for you to try.

Trust us when we say it will be a “smokin’ hot time!”

Putting a Fine Point On It: Pressure Point For Kink
Dinosaur & Switcheroo
The human body has hidden cheat codes that you can use to your advantage! Learn the secrets of hurting and manipulating someone in [relative] safety using a minimal amount of energy, regardless of size difference between you and your bottom. This class discusses the theory of pressure points, how to identify and manipulate them, safety and areas to avoid, and how to use rope in conjunction with pressure points to amplify your sadistic fun.

Introduction to Erotic Hypnosis
Mr. Dream & GleefulAbandon
Whether you are just starting as a hypnotist or a subject, or you are experienced with hypnosis but want to understand how to use it as part of your intimate/erotic life, this class offers ideas on how to start the exploration of yourself and your partners that make erotic hypnosis such a powerful tool. While demonstrating hypnosis, we will teach techniques based on caring, collaboration, consent, and communication. In addition we will discuss how these techniques can build into kinky or romantic scenes. Using mutual intent and an openness for exploration, you can accomplish amazing things.

The Far End of M/s: Consensual Non-Consent, TPE and Internal Enslavement
Raven Kaldera & Joshua Tenpenny
This discussion tackles the issues of Master/slave relationships that are controversial even among M/s demographics. What right – and what ability – does the master have to deeply change the slave, and how should this be negotiated? We’ll explore different levels of consent and the lack thereof, and the tricky problems of ethics and communal fear that they bring up. We’ll talk about collusion and conditioning – or is it brainwashing? – as well as how to tell what’s realistic and what’s fantasy. While we welcome a wide variety of opinions, please come with an open mind and remain courteous.

Kidnapping Without The Jail Time
Master Griffin and slave Rebecca
Fantasy kidnapping and all the fun you can have with that

Bottom of the Slash 101 in 24/7 Life
“Are you a doormat or a person?”
“You know people can’t be owned, right?”
“I didn’t think you were that weak, why do you let him tell you what to do like that?”
Ever had to deal with the judgement of others for your dynamic? Ever gotten swamped in your duties as a parent, person, employee AND slave/submissive? Do you drown in one role or another and find yourself in duress trying to find balance? We will discuss numerous ways on how to find balance, strength and inner calm in vanilla life, responsibilities and your M/s D/s role.

The Halo Above Your Heart: Collars and Collaring
Lady Steele
What is a collar? It means different things to different – well, we could say people, but it really depends on how you identify, doesn’t it? In this class, we will talk about collars (materials, weights, and styles) and collaring (feelings, parallels, and philosophies). There will be an opportunity to share your experiences and we will have a large selection of play and permanent collars on hand to try out.

Whip Practice in the Courtyard
This hands-on workshop provides guided practice in a dungeon focusing on techniques taught in the Techniques for Play with a Singletail workshop. Format will be demo of a single technique, practice of that technique, rotate to a variety of targets to develop muscle memory of the technique. Repeat the process with a new technique.

Breathplay 101: Just The Basics
Lady A 

Building a Better Kit
Madam Tak 

Are you starting out or maybe finding you’re less than thrilled with your kit? Find out how to maximize your toy bag for each type of play!

Erotic Wrestling
Master Griffin and slave Rebecca
Wrestling from a BDSM point of view.

Woven Harnesses
Want to restrain people but don’t like knots? No problem! Here we discuss harnesses that require little to no knots or frictions at all. We begin with a simple hip harness called the woven gunslinger, then use the variations of the same technique to tie both a more involved hip harness and an ankle tie. Participants should bring two seven to ten meter ropes.

Atmosphere, Mood and Tone
Consider the state of mind you need to be in to have a good hypnotic scene? Surely some such states come to mind. Think about the overall feel and energy that scene needs to have, the way that the environment transforms if only in the smallest ways. What do these considerations do to make a scene better? What do they potentially limit.

In this presentation and open conversation we’ll be exploring atmosphere, the overarching tone and feel of our inductions, suggestions and presentation. Attendees will leave with a good deal to think about and if we put our minds to it even more to practice. 

This class is open to all skill levels.

Foot Torture
OK, so we all know about playing with backs, pecs, and thighs… now how about feet? Is it possible to have a foot fetish, and be a sadist at the same time? This class will go over some of the basics as to what foot fetishism is, along with how to torture those things at the ends of our legs. We will be covering abrasion, temperature sensation, flogging, paddling, and the crowd favorite, Bastinado. There will also be a few secret surprise techniques thrown in at the end.

Introduction to Facial Torture
They say the eyes are the window to the soul. So what happens when we stick them shut? Join Jewel for this icky pinchy ouchy discussion and demonstration, in which we go over the various features of the face and how best one might exploit them for fear-inducing purposes. Topics covered will range from the practical (why do faces scar so easily?) to the grotesque (just how deeply CAN you penetrate a nostril?) Bring a face to fuck with (yours or someone else’s!) and learn a few new tricks for taking your physical scenes to the next level

Fireplay: Turning Up the Heat
The kiss of fire is quite an experience, NOW let’s turn up the heat. Take what you know to the next level with a different look at fireplay. Also learn to make your own batons. From the drum of a baton to the zap of a wand, fireplay truly gets HOT.

Violet Wand Play
This class is all about the Violet Wand. It is intended to teach those whom have never played with the toy all the way to those who have large collections of gear. Come to the class, have some fun, and learn some new techniques!  This will be a hands-on class. If you have a violet wand or accessories, feel free to bring them. Orchid will be bringing toys to share and play with as well.

Non-Monogamy and the Law
Lady Steele
What legal dangers are inherent to being non-monogamous? The simple truth is, legal issues abound when it comes to participating in the non-monogamy lifestyle. It can affect several areas in a non-monogamous person’s life, including family, criminal, estate planning, healthcare, employment, business, and even landlord/tenant law. How can you prepare yourself for the worst case scenario? Come find out when Lady Steele, an attorney licensed to practice in the state of Georgia presents Non-Monogamy and the Law.

Intro to Sadistic Rope
Sadistic rope is one of the most intense types of scenes that two people can engage in, bringing both the top and bottom to their limits, and often blurring the lines between pain and pleasure. In this hands-on class, we will cover Sasori_D’s approach to sadistic rope scenes at a conceptual and practical level, with an intent to provide tops with a few additional tools to add to their toolbox while providing bottoms some tips on how to handle difficult positions, as well as what to expect from certain floor ties and some the risks involved with these activities.

 Power, Surrender, and Safety: Negotiating Unequal Relationships When You’re Gender Transgressive
Raven Kaldera & Joshua Tenpenny
Power dynamic relationships – where one person has authority over the other, such as Leader/supportive, Dominant/submissive, or Master/slave – are sought out by transgender, genderqueer, and otherwise gender transgressive individuals as often as anyone else, for reasons both good and bad. However, we have special challenges when it comes to finding, negotiating, and maintaining our health and safety in these relationships. For transfolk, those who love them, and those who are just interested, this class will discuss the joys, problems, and dangers of trans power dynamics. Taught by the 2014 North East Master/slave title holders, a trans/trans couple, we’ll learn how to get what we need out of power exchange while staying safe and not settling for a less than optimal situation.

Hypnosis For Non Hypno fetishists
If mind control is your kink, hypnosis play can be fun all by itself.  But what if you’re into sensation, or bondage or D/S? AskJeeves will talk about ways trancy concepts and skills can enhance other kinks and how to mix hypnotic elements into other types of scenes.

Rope Bottoming 101
Dee1234 is an experienced rope bunny for years with experience in ‘brat’ rope scenes, partial suspensions, full suspensions, and floor work. She has attended various events with rope intensive education. She has been involved in various group discussions regarding bottoming and risk mitigation regarding rope. She has even sought out additional training in dungeon monitoring for rope to understand the ‘risk’ a bottom would look for while observing play of a possible rope Top. This class will go over rope focused negotiation tips, vetting a rope Top, how bottoming for rope is different than bottoming for other types of play, and how to discuss with Tops changing some of the ‘planned’ scenes for various body types, and how medication/medical conditions could impact rope play, ‘knowing your body’ in regards to rope bottoming.

Using Your Voice in Master/slave Relationships
SirJames and slave wendy
It is often said that a slave should “use their voice”.  But how can they accomplish this within a Master/slave dynamic?  In this class, we discuss protocols and setting expectations within an authority exchange relationship that encourages the slave to use their voice to respectfully and comfortably express their needs and concerns. Also discussed, are the Master’s responsibilities and obligations regarding receiving and encouraging this aspect of communication and effective ways to use their voice as well.


Wax Play-Artistic, Sadistic and Cheaptastic
Simone B
This Wax Play class is centered around safety, materials, types of wax play scenes, and negotiations. I include an extensive section on how to find and use everyday style candles or make them yourself in a safe and inexpensive way. I focus on how to safely test and use a variety of candles to avoid burns, including preheated wax. I also emphasize fun, spirituality, and ritual style scenes along with including other forms of kink, like rope, impact etc to form and create wax play scenes.

Breathplay 201: AKA Don’t Tell Jay Wiseman

Rough Body Play and Wrestling
Dinosaur & Switcheroo 

Whether you’re a big person who wants to hurt smaller people, a small person who wants to hurt larger people, or you’re looking to square up against people of the same size, technique matters. Why waste excess energy or rely on brute force to move or hold someone where you want them when you can learn to do it with a minimum amount of effort?

Rough Body Play and wrestling are massive topics, and this class seeks to address some of the basics of safety, body positions, and techniques you can use to have a fun time hurting your friends and lovers without permanently injuring them

Conductive Rope
Marty Mc_Fry

“What do I do with conductive rope?”  As the presence of less expensive wands on the market, and most rope makers doing some form of conductive rope this question is becoming a very common one to hear.  So, whether you are new to conductive rope, or have tried it and are wondering what next; this class is for anyone interested in electrified fun with rope!

We will discuss some of the various types of conductive rope and their pros and cons.  We will then move on to different types of electrified rope play and how you can incorporate these into your scenes. The types of play range from sensual to sadistic with the rope, the electric, and both. Several of these will be demonstrated and then you will be given the opportunity to try them out.  So bring your wands and your rope if you have them, and don’t forget the body contact cable!  

This is a hands on class; concepts will be demonstrated and then you will be able to try them.  I will have one or 2 additional wands/cables and loaner conductive rope available for those who don’t have them.

Creative Sadism Taught by a Masochist
Underground Sea
Learn the 6 types of masochism so you know how to play with each type and understand your bottom’s masochism profile. Get tips for how to expand your sadistic creativity, and brainstorm about different SM themes. Create and take away idea for everyday items. Now you are all set to let loose but what next? Walk away with a few negotiation tips. 

Past is Prologue: Leather Histories For Modern Kink Communities Jewelweed
We all came from somewhere, or even a collection of somewheres. But while the roots of our communities shaped our present and our future, they don’t have to dictate them. Come learn about leather histories, oral traditions, practices, and stories that have brought us to where we are today—then practice taking what speaks to you and leaving the rest. We might stand on the shoulders of giants, but it’s now up to us to shape the worlds we want to see tomorrow.

Lady Estrella
Getting stabbed by a needle will always hurt. This class covers different needling techniques on how to make it hurt even more. >8-) Some chemical play will also be covered. 

This is a demonstration only class. Attendees should have some needleplay experience and most definitely medically sound space setup, skin prep, and clean up knowledge.

Advanced Whip Techniques For Dungeon Play
This advanced singletail workshop will review the basic techniques and then progress to more advanced techniques. Connecting footwork to changes on the other end of the whip. Dynamic throwing with a rhythm, changing planes, feathering techniques, and breaking rhythm. The environment, whip flurries, energy exchange, and dark energy will be discussed. Select key techniques that you personally connect with and practice incorporating them into your own whip scenes

Playing with Gravity: Partial Suspensions For Fun and Torture
In this workshop (or demo), we’ll be looking at all the fun that we can have with partial suspensions, from just starting out with a little extra “zip”, to predicament, connective slow playing, or truly tough positions that may be too difficult with full suspension.  In this novice rigger level course, we’ll be discussing levels of risk and assessing it, as we explore some of the different ways to have fun from moderate to intense.

Intro to Rope Bondage
If you are interested in rope bondage but not sure where to start, this is the class for you!  In this class Anya Demure will discuss and teach skills and safety information to jumpstart your adventure into rope bondage!  She will go over physical and emotional safety as well as introductory ties and different ways to use them creatively. Participants should bring at least a couple hanks of 30’ rope and a partner to tie or be tied by.  Individuals are also welcome tie themselves.

Drugs, Potions, And Knockout Powders, Oh My
Lee Allure
Do your fantasies involve someone coming up to you and asking, “Does this rag smell like chloroform?” as they place it over your nose and mouth? Have you wondered about the effects of a drug created just for you? Can you imagine knockout powder being blown in your face, and you instantly responding in a very sexy way? Have you ever wondered about taking actual drugs, but the side effects or potential consequences were too great? With hypnosis, it’s possible to play out these fantasies in total safety and with no unpleasant side effects. LeeAllure explains how hypnotic drug play can work and gives you stories and examples of the clever, creative, and sexy things you can do with someone’s mind with imaginary hypnotic drugs. Demonstration bottoms welcomed and encouraged

Relationship Contracts
Mistress Sky
Relationship contracts are gaining acceptance and popularity among prospective life partners of all types.  That’s a good thing. Everyone should learn how to form a written agreement in one’s personal life. This is a workshop that will exercise your relationship negotiation muscles.  I will demonstrate the difference between relationship negotiation and corporate/commercial negotiation. Negotiate!: you can get your needs met; you can have your heart’s desire.  No prior experience is needed. Both singles and committed partners are welcome.

Hypnosis and Bondage
Mr. Dream & PerfectMonster
Some of the most exciting effects of hypnosis involve the expression of control through bondage. Removing the limitation of physical restraints, hypnotic bondage is an excellent introduction to effective kinky mindplay. In addition, we can combine hypnosis with more conventional techniques including rope and predicament play to add qualities that enhance the experience of the partners exploring this exciting use of the brain. This class will teach through demonstration, a set of effective bondage related inductions as well as a variety of ways to use hypnosis to restrain, control, and thrill your partner

Deep Cleaning Your Filthy Whore with a Pressure Washer
Trying to make your filthy whore presentable for conservative vanillas? Soap and elbow grease might not cut it. You probably need….more power. Come learn how to get that deep clean from Carnal_Knowledge. You might not be able to remove the nasty from the slut, but you’ll have fun trying.

Genital Play or “How to Play With the Naughty Bits”
Ma’am Karen
When people hear the words “genitals” and “torture” in the same sentence, they usually wince… I call this class Genital Play….because after all, this is supposed to be FUN, right?  We will talk about all the fun and evil things you can do to pussies, clits, cocks, balls, and nipples. I’ll share my vast collection of genital play devices and toys, and there will be demos….as long as we have willing victims…um, I mean volunteers!  And just a hint…it isn’t all about pain….I promise! After all, your naughty bits are getting played with! Come with an open mind, and leave with new ideas to add to your kinky play! 

Madame Tak
Get a step ahead with a Mistress’ knowledge and embrace your place in the Scene. This 101 covers basic D/s dynamics, Dungeon space etiquette, profile creation and direction, kit building and some helpful information of how to navigate the kinky community.

Invisible Bruises: Emotional First Aid
Carter Brulee & Kinkerbelle
When considering risk profiles and preparedness people often consider the physical risks of their play; less time goes into the emotional risks of play. Sometimes we have done everything “right” and yet a person is somehow triggered by something unexpected or drops hard (be they a top or a bottom). This workshop focuses on strategies for preparing in advance for negative emotional outcomes (expected or unexpected) and will walk through practical skills for managing distress. Skills learned in this class can be applied to yourself or your partners and loved ones. (Carter holds an MS in Clinical Psychology.)

Playing When Health is a Hard Limit
Sir Vice & soumise
Your mind wants to play, but your body isn’t always cooperating the way you want it to. How can you bring the excitement back without risking your long term health and wellbeing?  Whether you or a partner are dealing with chronic pain, neurological challenges, are a breast cancer survivor or are just not moving the same way you used to, this workshop will give you some new ideas and perspectives.  Play topics will be focused primarily around impact, bondage and sensation topics. Specific challenges / limitations covered will be determined by the input of the class.

Multi Level Mindgames
Mr. Taqtiks
Hypnosis offers opportunities to do things that just aren’t possible in reality.  This class presents one of those opportunities by class exploring the world of “What if” and combines it with “And” and “Then” to present insight on how to do hypnotic games within hypnotic games.  Using an actual scene previously conducted by the instructors as an example, attendees discuss the fascinating world of Multi-level Mindgames.

Protocols 101
Lady Steele
Protocols, etiquette, decorum, rituals, cultural standards, and social arbiters…what does it all mean? Join Lady Steele as she guides you through “real life” and “lifestyle” protocols and shows how they are intertwined, even in our everyday lives. She will illustrate how protocols do not have to be a frightening or intimidating proposition as they are tools of inclusion, not exclusion. She will also show how the “dark side of protocols” can be savored by “both sides of the slash” when incorporated.

1950’s living in real life
Are you working hard to be the idealized 50s Jude Cleaver and ending up as I Love Lucy? Are you working hard and still finding it difficult to balance real life and idea of 50s lifestyle a problem? We will discuss how to find some harmony in building on the D/s, 50s dynamic and real life.

Sensual Fire Play
Ian Michaels
This is an introductory workshop that will teach the proper skills to begin enjoying fire play.  This workshop leans towards the sensual aspect of fire play. Some of the skills that will be discussed are: safety, creating your fire kit, applying fire to the bottom and aftercare.

Electric Staple Gun Play
Madeline and Alex
This class delivers what it promises –  a form of bloodplay using a standard electric staple gun (Black and Decker or similar).  In the class, we cover basic bloodplay safety and how it relates (or doesn’t) to this form of play, specifically, using sterile vs. “clean” tools like the staple gun, and the risk associated.  We discuss how to prep the gun and the staples to remove undesirable industrial lubricants, dirt and debris, and some of the microbes. We cover what parts of the body are ideal for this style of play.  And then, of course, we demonstrate.

Mr. Taqtiks
Interrogation is a consensual form of edgy role-play where the interrogator attempts to extract information from the interrogatee creating a unique scene that can be on the edge, or just beyond, the usual safety net of power exchange. It also allows one to utilize a variety of tools, interrogation techniques, and coercion methods in order to create a truly heightened BDSM experience. You’ll learn how to engage in this intense type of play from a lifestyle perspective while also considering risks and negotiated limits.

Simple Physics For Advanced Rope
AnyaDemure & Marceline_VQ
This class explores the basic principles of mechanical physics as they apply to rope suspension. Topics such as force, torque, center of mass, and torsion will be discussed in theory and demonstrated in practice.  We wish to give people language and understanding of the physical laws that govern their rope skills, and to improve their intuition about the physical scenarios they interact with when they tie.

Advanced Flogging
Orpheus Black
This class will stress the art using dual flogger’s both sensually and sadistically. So if you are looking to advance your knowledge and ability in the art of flogging then this is the class for you. 

Different types of floggers, their specific use and how to use them: in this portion, we examine different types of floggers and their material properties and (the effect of the material on the skin) how they should be applied. We will examine everything from light rope floggers to the heavier floggers like rubber, buffalo etc… (For this portion we would like people to bring in their own floggers.) 

Choosing what flogger is best for you and your sub: Also we will show other items that can be used in place of flogger that will give you the same if not similar effect. 

Flogger technique and control: Here we cover the different styles of flogging like doubles, backhands, wide swings, transitions crossovers, stripping and the results that they produce. 

We will also examine the differences between pro, performance and private flogging. This portion will also provide different tips and tricks to improve accuracy and ways to overcome issues like carpel tunnel, fatigue, and depth perception issues. We will provide live demonstrations and audience participation welcome. 

Refining technique; those that participate in this demo will have the opportunity to be critiqued and if time permits one on one instruction.    

The goal of this course is to work with people that have more than a basic grasp of the basics of flogging so that they are able to enhance their natural ability. Novices are welcome and because this class will have lots of demonstrations we would real like to have a strong showing from subs that wish to participate.
Requirements: I would like to have people bring 1 or 2 of their floggers with them so that I can talk about their specific type of flogger and its properties.

Memory Play and Amnesia
Lee Allure
Hypnosis unlocks so many secrets in the mind. It opens up new vistas and brings new opportunities and pleasures. But can you use hypnosis to trick your own mind? Can you use it to make yourself forget what just happened, what’s going to happen, where you are, or even who you are? Or maybe you can trick your mind into remembering better? Or remembering something that didn’t really happen? Lee Allure literally wrote the book on Hypnotic Amnesia, based on a series of experiments using hypnosis to discover whether hypnotic amnesia can be imbued in a skeptical mind. She’s identified dozens of ways to explore hypnotic amnesia. In this workshop she’ll recount her experiences and will present the various methods, techniques, tips and tricks you can use to explore hypnotic memory play and amnesia. This class is appropriate for both individuals and couples. If you come with a partner we will encourage you to also practice with other people so you can get to know how different people go into trance and respond to suggestion. If you come alone we will work to set you up with practice partners. This workshop presumes you have SOME experience with hypnosis, and is appropriate for all genders and orientations. You can bring a partner or a friend, but coming alone is completely comfortable and appropriate.

Bosom Buddies: Tit Torture For Beginners
d20domme &Luckypuppy
We’ve all engaged in a little titillation play at one time or another. But as with anything there are varying degrees of intensity.

Water Bondage
Bound to Fly
A fun interactive workshop exploring water bondage.  Participants should expect to get wet! Do *not* bring your best hemp or jute to this class. MFP, Hempex or to a lesser degree, Polyester ropes are preferred for water play.  Cotton clothesline can also be used but expect to cut it off your bottom. Rope should reflect your connection and intention, and in this workshop we’ll explore some fun different types of play, be it erotic, sadist, or just playful.

The Alpha Submissive-How To Yield Your Strength
You know you are submissive. And yet, you are a strong, take-charge kind of guy or girl, which makes some dominants complain of topping-from-the bottom, or claim that you’re not submissive at all. How do you find your submission and yield, when the time is truly right?

Successful Sex in The Age of SESTA, FOSTA
Lady Steele
In the age of FOSTA and SESTA sex work has become more challenging. Its regulations have forced many to make compromising and dangerous choices so that they may continue to provide for themselves. Lady Steele will talk about the impact of FOSTA and SESTA and how to navigate our new world post-law. Issues discussed will include where to go to find work successfully, how to network, what to do if you are arrested or harassed by law enforcement, and when to retain a lawyer.

Mermaid Ties
We present an introduction to ties that keep the legs of the rope bottom bound together.  We begin only with the idea of reversing tension to create a pattern accessible to anyone first handling rope.  We will then introduce more techniques to recreate a much sturdier version of what we’ve done before. We will discuss the uses of this tie in suspensions as well as some difficulties it presents.  Participants should bring at least four seven to ten meter ropes.

Real Service
Raven Kaldera & Joshua Tenpenny
For the service-oriented submissive and their various dominants! This class will discuss the day-to-day practicalities of real, down-to-earth service, designed not for the fetishy turn-on of the submissive but for the actual comfort of the dominant. We’ll explore different types and areas of service – proactive and reactive, protocol-heavy or casual, flashy or subtle – and what different sorts of dominants want. Is your dominant the parental type or the rock star type when it comes to service? How can you serve them better in boring everyday life? We’ll have some answers here. This class is for people who are intimately involved in D/s relationships of the more practical and real-life kind.

Hypnosis For Fear Play
We’ve all had the paranoid notion that the creaking noise coming from downstairs was not “just the pipes” but something much more sinister. Through Hypnosis, we can take that feeling and turn it into a wonderfully terrifying experience. Exploring the sensation of fear, its root causes and ways that we can amplify it; this class offers a great slew of options for both advanced and developing hypnokinksters. Attendees will leave not only with a better understanding of how fear manifests but how we can draw inspiration from all things to create it.

Rollercoaster of Play: The Psychology of Subspace and Subdrop
Ever wonder why you feel so high? Ever felt crazy during drop? Ever wonder why a bottom flies sky high one session but not the next? Ever wish drop wouldn’t happen so intensely? The sexy lady doctor presents: The physiology of subspace and subdrop.  Explore the factors that go into taking flight and landing smoothly. Learn tips for when the landing doesn’t go as planned. Or how the ‘delayed landing’ can impact a bottom.

Animal roleplay
Do you have an animal inside you waiting to be unleashed or are you desirous of petting, playing with or owning one of these splendid creatures? So many possibilities… ponyboy or ponygirl, pups, kittehs or unicorns! Human animals can be anything they want to be, from the most mundane and surprising creatures to the mythological and ubiquitous ones, too, Its what you feel inside you and outside you but how can you bring this inner animal spirit to life?
Join us for a light-hearted, in depth lecture and, kinda sorta, workshop on how to become the animal or animal trainer you always wanted to be. All forms of human animals are welcome…surprise us! We’ve seen zebras and worms, warhorses and bunny rabbits, too.
Bring any equipment or accouterments you wish to wear or show-off, so we may help you reach your goals.

Come and have fun!

Advanced Fireplay
Ian Michaels
This is an advanced workshop that will demonstrate the use of advanced fire play techniques.  Some of these skills that will be covered are: 1- Vertical play, 2- use of flash cotton, 3 – Mousse, 4 – Using a fire glove, 5 – playing with advanced fire wands.  We might also cover the use of a fire cane, depending upon the venue. This workshop is sure to heat things up.


In this introductory class we will learn the art of make-up to prepare a girl of any gender for “putting on her face.” Discussion/Demo will include all that is involved with presenting a feminine facade: preparation of skin and application of make-up, as well as long- and short-term maintenance techniques and skin care. Foundation and face, eyes and brows, lips and cheeks will all be ‘covered’ and various hacks, short-cuts and techniques will be demonstrated. This class will enable girls to put their best face forward…now let’s talk about walking in heels. 😉

The Arse Class
A 101 class on anal anatomy, health, and tips and tricks for better anal sex. 

Increasing Your Accuracy
Madam Tak
Let’s face it: no one likes stray strikes. Lessen bad blows and learn how to use your tools more effectively from setup to strike! Bring your toy of choice for a hands on workshop to increase your accuracy and elevate your scenes!

Violet Wand 101
Marty McFry
Are you a fan of tesla, a kinky science geek interested in quack medical devices, looking to get over your fear of electricity, a lover of sensation play or just curious about electrical play?  Then this is the class for you!

Violet Wands (Rays) have been around for over a century.  In this class well talk about their history and a brief discussion on how the different types of wands work.  We will also cover the safety concerns of electrical play. Then its on to the fun stuff where we will talk about and demonstrate use of the violet wand.  We will discuss bringing electrical play into your BDSM or sex life for pleasure or pain. We will discuss the different types of electrodes and attachments that you can use; and the various ways to use the wand.  We will also take a little time to discuss the way a violet wand can be incorporated into other types of play, pervertables for electric and fun games that can be played.

This class will include demos of the violet wand, and time permitting anyone interested in trying the wand, from a top or bottom perspective, will be able to.

Getting What You Want Without Going to Jail
“The negotiations were simultaneously cerebral and physical, abstract and personal, something like a combination of chess and mountain climbing.” ― Richard Holbrooke, To End a War: The Conflict in Yugoslavia–America’s Inside Story–Negotiating with Milosevic

Negotiating for hypnokink is complicated, but it’s important to be on the same page before you start to play. Skilled negotiator and semi-competent domme AskJeeves will present a systematic approach that works for her, most of the time, along with demos of good negotiations and flawed negotiations and some exercises for the group. This is a serious topic and we take it seriously, but there’s no reason that a thoughtful class on negotiation can’t be fun… and sexy.

Saying Yes to Saying No
Underground Sea
Discuss what can make it hard to say no and how to mitigate each difficulty. Walk away with a 4-tier escalating process of saying no when a boundary is being crossed at an event, whether it is an unwanted advance or some other matter. We then put this approach into practice through role play.
Helpful to
* Those who find it awkward or difficult to say no.
* Those who wish to find a more graceful way, or a more effective way to say no.
* Those who are interested in consent related matters.

Comtesse Aurora & Kilimanjaro Dan

Sexual Assualt and Sexual Violence: Let’s Talk About Consent

Cuckolding for Couples
Cuckolding is a hot trend online these days, but is it a viable kink? I’ll give an enthusiastic YES! Not only is it a fun fetish for cuck and cuckoldress, but it actually enhances intimacy, love, creativity and fun in your relationship. Based on my popular 2 1/2 month online course, this class covers setting ground rules, finding a bull, creating an amazing cuckolding relationship and trouble shooting.

Power Exchange and Communication Through Ballroom Dance-Titillating Tango
Learn new communication skills and experience a power exchange at a totally different level while you pick up new moves to show off on the dance floor. The roles of leader and follower are both of equal importance in a successful partnership, but the responsibilities of each are very different. Whether you think you have 2 left feet or are ready to appear on “Dancing With the Stars”, you will have fun exploring relationship dynamics and communication through this non-traditional approach. If you come without a partner we will allow time to see if there anyone else needing a partner for the class, but it is not guaranteed. 

Playing Without a Toybag-Punching,Slapping, Kicking
Sometimes you need something different than all those whips and floggers and paddles. Sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands. Manhandling. Bullying. Grabbing, pushing, slapping, punching. Kicking them while they’re on the ground. You punk. Yeah, you. That’s alright, there are many more like you. And there are many potential victims as well. Let’s discuss why and how to open up that punk inside you that is just waiting to come out… and why and how one would be a victim… 

Sex Toys For All Kinds of Boys
Playing with a ding dong can be lots of fun. Adding toys can make it better. Come learn about toys to use on yourself or on your partner.

Bootblacking 101
Bumper Bootblack
This class will go into detail about what bootblacking is and the different ways it can be accomplished, this includes general leather care.  General leather care can include your leather/suede floggers and whips as well as leather paddles, collars, and restraints. We will also discuss why people would want to get their hands dirty and why it is so important to Leather community. I will provide a how to of sorts and give a short demo on a few styles of bootblacking. This is a hands-on class so bring your leathers with you to practice on, if you don’t have any we will have some for you.  *You are not required to participate in the hands on portion. This class is designed as a beginner’s class and will give you some basic bootblacking skills to get you started on caring your leathers and providing this important service in your personal dynamic and to your community.

Wielding Steel: An Advanced Knifeplay Experience
Have you ever wondered what that nice, shiny blade feels like in your hand? Or maybe how it feels to have that same blade dance along your flesh? Wielding Steel will answer both questions for you. Prepare for an advanced knifeplay experience. You will learn the dynamics of a knife and how to wield it with safety and sanity. From experienced knife handler to those that have never picked one up, learn how it feels, how to develop your hand, care of blade and bottom, witness from the sensual to the sadistic. So come and experience the pleasures of Wielding Steel.

Cathartic Flogging
Catharsis is a process of release, purification, and relief, whereby one is rid of repressed emotions and energies. Come learn how flogging can elicit mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual catharsis. This workshop does not focus on technical flogging skills, so please have some knowledge of the fundamentals.

Introduction To Self Suspension
If you have ever wanted to try your hand at self suspending, this class is a great place to start!  Anya and Marcy will go over the basics of suspension, uplines, as well as harnesses that lend themselves to someone starting their self-suspension journey.  Participants should be comfortable and familiar with a single column tie and a basic chest harness.  

Pallet Wrap Suspension
Madeline and Alex
Pallet wrap is great for keeping the drawers from falling out of your furniture as you are moving, for keeping dozens of cases of potato chips on a pallet when the are loaded onto a truck, and for suspending a bottom with absolutely no rope whatsoever.  We make sure that attendees understand that we are not using saran wrap, but instead an industry supply with a high tensile strength. This technique is ideal for just about anyone, including people for whom traditional rope suspensions might be difficult or uncomfortable (due to higher weight, odd centers of gravity, and even some circulation issues)

Put Heaven at Your Feet
Underground Sea
Round here all feet go to heaven. See the different paths you can walk to pamper feet. If your foot massage stinks then it will no more. Dip your toe in foot worship with all of your body. Learn how to cure your pedicure impediment.

Forced Orgasms and Orgasm Control
Nothing is more hot than power exchange with your orgasm! Come to this class and learn new and fun techniques to control orgasms and methods to force orgasms. Both mind control and physical tools will be discussed. Wand vibrators, lube, your fingers, and so much more will be explored! Come and have a good time!

Two Decades Plus of the Black Male Submissive Experience
The trials and tribulations of anyone who travels in the field of the fetish world can be very daunting and enlightening. Based on one man’s experience, this is very challenging, yet, meaningful in terms of how to handle himself in the throes of BDSM as well as taking those lessons and applying it to regular, vanilla life. Let’s discuss how someone can turn anything into a positive and learning lesson, even in the face of negativism in a place that misleads all into thinking there is solace in its being.

Fear of Asking in Submissives
Sir Vice
Based on one of our most popular articles on Fetlife and the web, this workshop explores how making requests, asking, begging, and even using safe words can be one of the most difficult challenges for a submissive or slave.  More importantly, we take a deeper look at key motives for these challenges, and how to overcome them.

Violet Wands 201/301
Marty McFry
So you have the basics down for zapping your play partner and are looking for new things to try; what’s next you ask?

This class will cover that.  With the help of a willing bottom we will discuss and demonstrate some of the more advanced type of play that can be done with a violet wand.  These topics will include:

– Sharps – staples, needles and metal sutures; either alone or threaded with conductive materials.  We may get into including other things for fun predicament situations
– Conductive Rope
– Fire Play
– Cupping
– Knife play
-Temporary and permanent branding (permanent will not be done)
-Breath play – this will be discussed, but will not be done (O3 is extremely damaging to living organisms)
– Insertable electrodes!  Yes, they do work!

All topics will be discussed, time permitting, but demos of some types of play may not be allowed due to venue and/or event rules.

Hypnosis For Dominance and Submission
Mr. Dream & GleefulAbandon
Fantasies about hypnosis often focus on control. While the hypnotist does not have to be dominant, and the subject does not have to be submissive, hypnotic play often explores those tropes. In this class, we’ll see how D/s fantasies come to life through hypnosis, in both short-term play and long-term dynamics. Taught by a Dominant and submissive in a years-long hypnotic relationship, we will show ways to share the intensity of hypnotic power exchange while still being fully based on consent.

While this class does not teach introductory hypnosis techniques, beginners interested in exploring D/s are encouraged to attend.