Event Rules

These rules are in the process of being updated.  Final rules will be provided at the event.

  1. AGE OF ATTENDANCE: this is an 18+ event. All minors will be refused entry, including infants and children.

  2. CONSENT: All activity must be consensual, both inside and outside play areas. You agree not to touch, harass, or perform any activity with someone else without obtaining prior explicit permission.
    1. Do not touch anyone without their overt consent. If unsure, clearly reaffirm that consent has been granted.
    2. Consent may be revoked or modified at any time, by anyone, even during a scene. Having previously given consent does not mean an individual continues to consent
    3. Top or bottom, it’s key to understand the risks associated with what you’re consenting to. If you’re unsure of what an activity entails or the risks are, step back and do some research.
    4. Don’t assume that someone’s status within the event or community makes them an expert or someone who can be trusted.

  3. RESPECT AND CONSIDERATION: Attendees and staff of this event are to be treated with respect and consideration at all times. Be respectful, pleasant, and considerate to the (probably vanilla) hotel staff.  Do not ask them to do anything uncomfortable (i.e. participate in your scene).

  4. GENDER INCLUSION:  This conference is inclusive of all gender identities and presentations. In order to be respectful of all bodies in attendance, the best practice is to not assume anyone’s gender identity, sexual orientation, or pronouns based on their presentation.
    1. Privacy: Respect peoples’ privacy and boundaries by not asking intrusive questions about appearance or gender.   Don’t assume anything based on someone’s presentation. Questions about a person’s genitalia or other body parts are always inappropriate.
    2. Pronouns:  If you are unsure of someone’s pronouns (such as he/him/his, she/her/hers, they/theirs), ask! Asking is always considered respectful. When you don’t have an opportunity to ask, use they/them and gender-neutral descriptions like “the person in the red shirt”.
    3. Language: Practice sensitivity around culture-specific language related to gender identity and expression. Help everyone feel included, change your language.

  5. PHOTOGRAPHY: NO photography, video, or sound recording is permitted during the entire event. Violation will result in ejection from the event without refund.  This includes images and recordings of the Courtyard from your room.
  6. ELECTRONIC DEVICES: No cell phones, tablets, smart watches with cameras or other electronic devices may be visibly displayed in play areas or classes. Send your text message or calls in the lobby area.  Your camera lenses must be covered by a sticker. These stickers are available from Customer Service as you Register or from a member of our Security or DM staff.

  7. INTOXICANTS: If you choose to drink, please do so responsibly.  You will be ejected from the event if your behavior interferes with the enjoyment of others.  Absolutely no intoxicants are permitted in the play space. Anyone appearing to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be refused entry or removed from TES Fest without a refund.

  8. NO SOLICITATION: Prior approval by the Event Chairs or its representatives must be obtained for any commercial transaction for goods or services at TES functions. TES supports all community businesses complying with this rule.

  9. VENDING: Only authorized vendors may sell their products. Vending or selling goods by non-authorized vendors is strictly PROHIBITED.
  10. SMOKING: Only permitted in designated areas outdoors.

  11. NUDITY: Only permitted in the play space and courtyard. Please be sure to be dressed with all bits covered when outside the play area. This is especially so as in the lobby, bar, and the restaurant (i.e. “spaces normally considered public”) as we don’t want to jeopardize the hotel’s liquor license. When in contact with hotel furniture, a barrier needs to be between bits and furniture. This is common courtesy. Nipples may not be visible in the public space, regardless of physicality/gender expression/gender identity. When the hotel becomes vanilla, so does attendee clothing, except in areas closed off to the public.
  12. PLAY SPACES: Play is ONLY allowed: in the dungeon, courtyard play area (when DM is present), a private hotel room.  Play is NOT allowed: in the hotel’s public spaces (bar, restaurant, halls, lobby, bathrooms, elevators, gym, stairwells, luggage carts), unless otherwise specified.

  13. COURTYARD: The Courtyard is both a play space and a social area.  You may not play in the area of the dining tables and chairs.  Phones with covered lenses are allowed in this area.

  14. BADGES AND WRISTBANDS: You must wear your wristband AND badge at all times. You will not be permitted to enter any portion of the event without BOTH your badge AND wristband.  If you lose your badge or wristband, please contact Customer Service immediately (or Security if it is after hours).

  15. LOST AND FOUND: If you find something, vanilla, bring to the Hotel Front Desk.  If it is a kinky item, bring it to Security.

  16. ANIMALS: Live animals and non-human pets are prohibited, with the exception of certified service animals.

  17. PARKING: Please park only in designated spaces.  Your car will be towed if parked in a fire lane, non designated space or a handicapped space (without a permit).

  18. STATE LAWS: Obey all federal, state and local laws and ordinances.             Be aware that some items used during play, may be illegal to possess in New Jersey. TES and TES Fest will not be responsible for the consequences of any individual possessing such an item and does not condone anyone possessing items illegal in New Jersey.                                                                                If unsure, check the laws for New Jersey.

  19. DAMAGE TO THE HOTEL: Do not tie yourself or anyone to any hotel fixture or use any hotel furniture for any use other than originally intended. You will be held personally responsible for any damage you cause or participate in.  The event will supply plenty of appropriate equipment for play.

  20. CLEANLINESS: Clean up after yourselves.  Don’t leave garbage around – deposit it in the proper receptacles.  This also applies to the smoking area.

  21. EMERGENCIES: In the event of a medical emergency or problem, remain calm, find someone with a radio, clear the area and let the appropriate personnel do their jobs.  Please respect the privacy and dignity of all humans.

  22. IN THE EVENT OF EVACUATION: Security/Event Staff will direct you to the nearest exit.  Should no staff be near your location, proceed to the nearest exit. Do not take time to gather up your toys or other belongings.  Your safety is more important. All attendees should gather on the grassy area across the street outside the hotel. Do not reenter the hotel until the fire department has cleared us to enter and you have been directed to do so.  

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: If anything is unclear or you have a special concern, please find a staff member or a DM and they will direct you to the appropriate person. The event staff will do their best to help everyone have a wonderful time but not all requests will be accommodated.

Our event rules are designed to ensure everyone’s health, safety, and comfort. Failure to abide by these rules may result in ejection from the event without a refund. TES and/or the TES Fest Chairs reserves the right to deny entry or rescind the right to attend or enter any or all of said event or the event space for any reason or no reason to any individual or group. Thank you for your cooperation.