TES Fest Mediation Team (TMT)

We are pleased to announce that the TES Fest Mediation Team (TMT) will be available during TES Fest. The TMT team members will be available to support attendees should there be an interpersonal conflict or incident that needs to be addressed. The TMT is there to help de-escalate a situation, discuss an incident that occurred at and only at TES Fest, as well as discuss options, possible next steps, and/or work to find a solution for the duration of the event where possible.

The TMT will also act as an intermediary with TES Fest senior staff, alerting them that an incident occurred, without sharing the identities of those involved. They will let the staff know what requests, if any, have been made by the parties involved to reach a desired outcome. Confidentiality of the participants involved will be respected. Identities will only be shared if disciplinary action is needed (at the staff’s discretion) after the initial report.

TMT Hours:

  • 8:00am – 8:00pm: At least 1 person will be on duty to respond to a critical issue, and to schedule a time for you to meet with a TMT staff person after 8:00pm.
  • 8:00pm – 4:00am: At least 2 people will be on duty to meet with those who requested TMT services.

*Daytime – we will have someone on-call for emergencies only.*