TES Fest Mediation Incident Response Team

TES Fest 2023 – Incident Response Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IRT?

TES Fest is pleased to announce that the Incident Response Team (IRT), previously known as TES Fest Mediation Team, will be available during this year’s event. As we all do, the IRT continues to learn and grow. With the support of members of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), our procedures have somewhat adjusted. IRT members are volunteers who have been trained in responding to incidents of consent violation and interpersonal conflict. The IRT will assist in de-escalating situations, taking consent violation reports, and addressing situations that occur at TES Fest (and only at TES Fest). IRT members will assist in determining options and next steps to find a solution for the duration of the event, where possible. IRT Team members are NOT available to provide counseling or to handle situations that exist outside of TES Fest.