Thanks for your interest in sponsoring TES Fest 2020!  We have a number of opportunities for promoting your products or services to our attendees.  If interested, please email vending@tesfest.org.

Sample TES Fest 2020 Sponsorship Options:

  • Bag Stuffers, with promotional materials that you provide. These will go into all swag bags.
      • Postcards or printed materials
    • Talk to us if it’s a giveaway item, we may discount or even waive the fee.
  • Branded TES Fest 2020 Full Weekend Access Wristbands  – See your logo worn by several hundred full weekend attendees each day at TES Fest!
    • Sole Sponsorship – only one available this year! When it’s gone, it’s gone! Must be completed by 4/1/20.
  • Branded TES Fest 2020 Swag Bag for Attendees – See your logo on our keepsake attendee gift bag!
    • Sole Sponsorship – only one is available this year! When it’s gone, it’s gone!
  • Wish/Thank You Boards 
      • We will also be reprising our very successful WISH BOARD and adding a THANK YOU BOARD as well.  The wish/thank you boards are a place in which people will be putting up notices for partners and play. These boards will remain up throughout the event in one of the most trafficked areas in the lobby.
      • It will be branded as the ”Your company name WISH BOARD” &” Your company name THANK YOU BOARD” and promote it as such.
    • Only one sponsorship per board is available.

Additional Options:

  • Restaurant/Lounge/Bar sponsorship 
    • The hotel has been outdoing itself with the bar offerings, the restaurant’s buffets, and meal plans as well. We anticipate even more meals together at TES Fest this year, as well an increase in social events scheduled for the bar/lounge area. This sponsorship includes:
        • Signage in the restaurant and bar area in the middle of the hotel, directly adjacent to the main lobby and across from our main vending area as “Your company name LOUNGE.”
        • Signage/promotion of the buffets as “Sponsored by Your Company Name.”
      • Meal plan tickets for staff and select presenters will be branded  as “Sponsored by Your Company Name.”
  • Branded TES Fest 2020 Swag for Presenters and Prize Giveaways 
    • See your logo on giveaways that we will be included in our swag bag for presenters and special guests! These items may also be used as prizes during our special events. Examples are: stress balls, bandage dispensers, water bottles, etc. Gifts that are used throughout the year. Contact us if you want to sponsor a more specialized item.
  • Banners (Price varies by location) 
      • See your logo on signage in our classrooms, playspaces and/or common areas. For example, we have dedicated classrooms/playspace areas for rope and for medical play.
      • Or see your banner flying in social areas, such as our outdoor smoking section or pool. Your sponsorship of these areas also comes with a presence at all the events that take place there if you so choose.
    • Pricing depends on placement and if a special event is sponsored where the banner will be displayed prominently—please contact us for details.

  • Full Event Sponsorship 
      • EXCLUSIVE Sponsorship of the whole event including all: Meet & Greets and other special events, such as Kinky Speed Dating, the Radioactive Pool Party, Aftercare Pool Party, etc. We will add your name to a minimum of 10 special events, and it will be listed on the official event program and all promotional platforms that the event is “brought to you by Your Company Name” or similar wording.
    • This will include:
        • Bag sponsorship with bag stuffers.
        • A sponsorship slide and/or appropriate video content on TES Fest TV channel, running from Friday afternoon through Monday morning.
        • Complimentary event registrations (we can discuss how many you need).
        • TES Fest Wristbands branded with your company’s name.
      • A vending or promotional space for you to promote your company/organization.

We’re also happy to put together custom packages or promotional opportunities. If interested, please email vending@tesfest.org.