Thanks for your interest in sponsoring TES Fest 2018!  We have a number of opportunities for promoting your products or services to our attendees.  If interested, please email chairs@tesfest.org.

Most popular options:
  • Bag Stuffers, with promotional materials* that you provide. These will go into all swag bags.
    • Postcards or printed materials $125
    • *Talk to us if it’s a giveaway item, we might discount or even waive the fee
  • Branded TES Fest 2018 Full Weekend Access Wristbands – See your logo worn by full weekend attendees each day at TES Fest!
    • $200 Sole Sponsorship – only one available this year! When it’s gone, it’s gone!
  • Branded TES Fest 2018 Swag Bag for Attendees – See your logo on our keepsake gift bag for the first 600 attendees!
    • $500 Sole Sponsorship– only one available this year! When it’s gone, it’s gone!
  • Advertising on TF-TV! Our Host Hotel Channel! See your slide, slideshow or video commercial running on our dedicated TV channel in the host hotel! Last year we had hours of video from the Kink Academy, and this year we’ll be expanding our content, running in all host hotel guestrooms throughout the event!
    • $100 for your slide, slideshow or video commercial (up to 90 seconds long)
    • *Talk to us if it’s video content whose primary purpose is for entertainment or fapping, we might discount or even waive the fee. Especially if it’s really fappable.
Advertising in our Beautiful Keepsake Program Book!
  • Programs will be 8 ½ x 11 on 80lbs gloss paper, full-color and saddle-stitched.
  • We are capping the event at 650 people, remaining programs (if any) will be distributed at TES meetings, community tables or shared with TES members who request it.
  • Full page back cover is $650 (only one available)
  • Full page inner cover is $600 (only one available)
  • Full page inner back cover is $550 (only one available)
  • Full page ad right side $475; half page  $300; quarter page $175
  • Full page ad left side $450; half page $275; quarter page $150

Ideal File Formats: PDFX-1A. Resolution: 300 dpi (dots per inch).  JPGs acceptable as long as they’re hi-res / 300 dpi.

  • Branded TES Fest 2018 Swag Bag for Presenters – See your logo on our keepsake gift bag for our presenters and special guests! $300 Sole Sponsorship – new this year! These bags are sought after, and any remaining or unclaimed bags will be filled and used as raffle items in fundraisers.
  • Branded TES Fest 2018 Swag for Presenters and Prize Giveaways – See your logo on giveaways that we will be including in our swag bag for presenters and special guests! These items may also be used as prizes in our special events. $200 per promotional item type. Examples are: stress balls, bandage dispensers, clamps, etc. Gifts that are used throughout the year. Talk to us if you want to sponsor a more specialized item.
  • Banners – See your logo on signage in our classrooms, dungeons or common areas. For example, we have classrooms dedicated for rope and for medical play. Or see your banner flying in an area used for socializing. Pricing depends on placement and if a special event is sponsored where the banner will be displayed prominently—please contact us for details.
  • Photo Wall – See your logo on a backdrop for TES Fest 2018 memories!  We will be allowing photography in a dedicated location during certain hours this year. The photo wall will have the TES Fest logo and branding by our sponsors. Please contact us if you’re interested.
We’re also happy to put together custom packages or promotional opportunities. If interested, please email chairs@tesfest.org.
Here are examples of some of the sponsorship packages we can create specific to your brand:
  • Special Event Sponshorship
    • EXCLUSIVE Sponsorship of all Meet n’ Greets and some of the special events such as Kinky Speed Dating, the Radioactive Pool Party, Aftercare Pool Party, etc. We will have at minimum 10 events to which your name would be added. We would list on the program and all promotional platforms that the event is “brought to you by X” or similar wording.
    • For $5000, this would include:
      • bag stuffers with promotional material that you provide, worth $125
      • A sponsorship slide or appropriate video content on the host hotel tv channel, running from Friday afternoon through Monday morning, worth $100 – $500
      • Two complimentary event registrations
      • Half page ad in our program book worth $275-$300 (can be upgraded)
  • This EXCLUSIVE sponsorship package can be upgraded with the following:
    • Program book advertising
      • Full page back cover is $650 (only one available) without package, +$300 with package
      • Full page inner cover is $600 (only one available) without package, +250 with package
      • Full page inner back cover is $550 (only one available), +225 with package
      • Full page ad right side $475, +200 with package
      • Full page ad left side $450; +175 with package
  • FOOD, DRINK & KINK Sponsorship
    • The hotel has been outdoing itself with the buffets and meal plans! We anticipate even more meals together at TES Fest this year, as well as increased social events scheduled for the lounge. We will also have some buffets for the staff, some of which are open to attendees. This sponsorship would include:
      • Signage in the restaurant extension as “Your name lounge”
      • Signage/promotion of the staff buffets as sponsored by “Your name
      • Meal plans for staff and select presenters will be branded Your name
      • Co-branded cocktail napkins for use in the Lounge and Meet n’ Greets

We will also be reprising our very successful WISH BOARD in which people will be putting up notices for partners and play. The WISH BOARD is up throughout the event in one of the most trafficked areas in the lobby. We would brand it as the Your nameWISH BOARD and promote it as such.

In response to attendee’s requests, we will provide means for people to signify their orientations/play preferences and/or whether they’re looking for partners e.g. pins and/or “Looking to play” silicone bands. Imagine Your name listed as the sponsor for ways for people to meet and interact throughout the weekend.

This package starts at $5000 and can also be upgraded as listed in the Special Events Sponsorship. We are open to combining BOTH packages for a discount.

If interested, please email chairs@tesfest.org.