The TES Fest 2018 Call for vendors is closed!

This year’s event is scheduled for July 6th – July 9th, 2018 at our favorite hotel in Piscataway, New Jersey!

TES Fest 2018 – Confirmed vendors thus far:



Agreeable Agony is a collective of crafters/artisans and kinksters from the east coast US who build unique handmade floggers, dragon tails, slappers, pitcher candles, claws, pretty colored bondage rope, bondage accessories, specialty steel, and other unique kinky toys, and have a passion for sex education!

 Aropedeevil’s Corner

Aropedeevills Corner manufactures low temperature Exotic Spa Candles, in 13 vivid colours, 5 of which react to black light! This paraffin based recipe leaves skin soft and sensitive, and gently peels off the skin, which minimizes mess! We also offer: -Exotic Glitter Body Melts, a massage stick that leaves behind a sheen of biodegradable glitter; -Scented Massage Candles that release massage oil as the candle melts; -Bratt Balm: a muscle balm that leaves freshly spanked bottoms tingling and prickling in a satisfying yet discomfiting sensation; -Spanking Party Game, a game for consenting adults who enjoy spanking; -Beginner Rope Bondage Kits, with 2 ropes, safety cutters, beginner book and handouts; -Hand spun bamboo rope in a wide array of vivid colours.

  Brazen Bras Boutique

We are primarily a specialty bra boutique in the “vanilla world” and while bras are our primary bread winning focus, we do have a bit of a “darker side” for those who seek it. Come to the dark side! Bring your fantasies and fetishes, and let us help you dress to impress. Unleash your inner Temptress, embrace your inner Goddess, and leave all of your inhibitions at the door. Let us take you on a journey to empowerment through lingerie. Brazen Bras Boutique exists as a physical store in Freehold, NJ with certified bra fitters on staff during business hours. We carry bra sizes ranging from a 28″–52″ band as well as cups “A” through “K”. Our lingerie is of top notch quality, as we only stock merchandise that is manufactured well and sized realistically. Our store is chock full of styles that fit at prices that fit.

Awesome rattan disciplinary canes! Over 50 styles, all hand-crafted by WhypDancer & backed by a lifetime guarantee! Custom works of cane art, designed with precious gems, silver & gold or covered with sharp sea shell shards join with the classics- Singapore Punishment & British School Canes, Whangees, etc., and everything in between! They even starred in the hit TV show, American Horror Story! WhypDancer will be in the booth all weekend to give advice on the use, care, feeding, & selection of the perfect cane to fit your preferences!

 Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge is a knife, self defense and impact vendor from Orlando FL. We sell fixed blade, speed assist and fantasy knives. As part of our self defense line, we offer rubber billy clubs, blackjacks, foam escrima sticks and a variety of other devious products.

 deGiotto Rope

deGiotto Rope specializes in making the finest quality natural fiber bondage rope in the world. We start with the highest quality hemp, jute, and bamboo-silk yarns and hand lay them into rope. All of our yarn is dyed before we make rope to ensure that the color goes all the way through. We call it “color to the bone.” We strive to meet all of our client’s needs and as such carry a variety of rigging accessories, rope care materials, educational materials, and apparel. Visit for more information.

 Current Pleasures

Your one-stop shop for E-stim accessories and supplies- Spark your pleasure with electrical muscle stimulation. Current Pleasures- where Electric becomes Erotic!

 Designs by Warped Thoughts

All of our designs are unique and completely handcrafted. We use hard wood for all of our wooden paddles, handles and torture toys. Many of our floggers are one of a kind designs because we feel ever piece of wood contains its own beauty and no two are the same. Leather Prison Straps The newest addition to our toy line. We are creating them in various lengths and up to 13oz leather. We have two handle lengths available and 4 leather lengths as standards, 24,16,11and 9 inch. Leather Floggers All one of a kind designs. Leather used: Buffalo, Bull, Cow, Lamb and Deer. There are variations in lengths and fall count as well as degree of impact. If you see something in our pics you like, send an email to learn more about it. Paddles Are all crafted from hard wood either Black Walnut or Oak. Some have threads on them to “step-up” the impact and others have a wonderful Beaver Tail design sure to leave an impression. Provide a nice deep THUD. Tawse and Straps We have combined our fine wood with a special rubber to bring a toy that will bring you years of pleasure. Some designs are available in two different thicknesses of rubber to provide a Thud or a sting. Our Signature piece, Shut the Fuck-up and Do as I SAY!”, has its own “cult” Floggers and Quirts All of our Rubber floggers are VEGAN! The handles are individually crafter turned hard wood and the falls are either splatter rubber or rubber cording. Each flogger comes in its own carry case. Genti-torture We are firm believers that there is pleasure in the torment or Genitals. For the boys we have humblers, our cock stocks and a variety of crushers. For the girls we have lip crushers. Breast Torture We have brought together hardwood and metal spikes for an interesting sensation! All breast crushers are available with or with out spikes and spikes are available in chrome or hard wood. Our Nipple Trees have been designed for the use on either sex and are totally adjustable.

 Dr. Clockwork’s Home for Electrical and Medical Oddities

No one on Earth has a range of Goods as High in Quality or as Varied in Selection as Doctor Clockwork From Violet Wands to Medical Devices and all that may come between, an Adventurous Gentleman or Lady will find their Every Whim catered to under Doctor Clockwork’s care.

  EF Leathercraft

What or Who is EF Leathercraft? Elegance, aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail is inherent in each piece we create.  Our work is expertly hand-crafted in the USA out of the finest leathers including kangaroo, a wide variety of tanned cowhide, buffalo, deer, elk, moose, bull, and exotics such as stingray, crocodile, and snakeskin accents.  We are proud to provide you with just about any product for BDSM play you can ever want.  We also are experts at repairs to well-loved toys to bring them back to life for you. All whips and floggers featured on these pages have balanced handles, filled with shot, with interwoven Turk’s Head Knots to give you a piece you can wield with confidence and pride. Please take your time to look over the fine array of floggers, whips, quirts, slappers, wrist and ankle cuffs, suspension cuffs, and especially our original rose items. We know you will be pleased you purchased a piece made by Us!

Rare Books: french & English Victorian erotica and flagellation literature, pre-1950s us erotica (printed clandestinely), erotic poetry, classical and neo-classical erotica (greek/roman,asian) Kinky Antiques: razor strops, paddle strops, maritime fids, whips, south american rebenques (whip), Asian erotic antiques, erotic prints, hairbrushes & mirrors

 Fun With Fetish

Fun With Fetish is a vegan flogger Company. From Floggers, to deep impact toys, to Unique violet Wand accessories. We have you covered.

 House Of Wolfram

House Of Wolfram is the maker of extremely high end handmade leather bondage gear utilizing new techniques to make completely new equipment that is more advanced than anything ever seen before.

 Indiustrial DisEase

WE offer a full range of sensation, impact and violet wand toys, as well as steampunk canes, accessories and clothing. Come check out our sensation paws and infinite twists great for making you the most popular person at any play party. We manufacture our toys for the best possible effect and you have to try it to believe it. We manufacture a modular toy system that consists of commercial grade materials that have been repurposed for adult play use. The handle connects to the head, but any head will fit the given handle. Sensation, impact and electro play, all in one.

 Joe The Shoe Guy

Women’s Fetish shoes and boots from size 5-14 along with some fashion accessories. You will find a great selection of the highest quality best looking awesome fitting Fetish shoes and boots at great prices. We have been the Fetish footwear supplier for Tes for our 15 years. Thank you.


KACIMA is a social and educational group from North Jersey/NYC. We bring a wide variety of toys and equipment for everyone to experience. Demos will be all day long with interactive toys and sensations. We also have handcrafted items for impact, sensation and apparel for sale. Wooden paddles, canes and spanking benches. Leather floggers, whips and unique clothing pieces. Metal canes, rods and equipment. Exciting things at every price point!

 Latex Nemesis

Latex Nemesis is proud to announce its 14th year serving the community of rubber enthusiasts around the globe. Throughout that time, the company has generated a reputation for offering the best fitting hoods made with the highest level of craftsmanship and materials. We began crafting gear from rubber to scratch a fetishy itch that began long ago and continues to the present, leading to our regular updates of styles and choices while also continuing to dream up the next new fun device or a bit of gear. If we think of something we want, we make it. If we love it, we make it for you! Because we love rubber ourselves, we understand the importance of a perfect fit and that comfort is key. Whether you are in a scene for hours, getting that perfect picture, or introducing someone new to the shiny lifestyle, rest assured that we will always be happy to make sure your items fit and look amazing.

 Leather By Danny

Leather by Danny has been designing and manufacturing unique toys for the BDSM community for almost 30 years. Original designs include, the “Grip Cuffs”, “Back Binder”, Shoe Gag, and our most popular item, the “Split Thumper”

 Needleplay Design

Unique Custom Embroidery on shirts, Hats, towels and name-badge holders.

 Orchid And Serpent

Orchid and Serpent sells a variety of BDSM toys including unique, hand crafted electroplay gear, male chastity & cbt gear, handmade leather hats, accessories made of seat belts, handmade tail butt plugs, glass dildos, gags, gas masks, floggers, paddles, crops, and collars & cuffs (steel, vegan, and leather). Our custom made items may be found at www.Orchid and our vast array of BDSM and Sex Toys may be found at, our BDSM category has examples of what we sell at conventions.

 PD Kilt

PD Kilts offers modern utility kilts and accessories for all genders, body types, and sizes. Our high-quality kilts are constructed with the finest materials in a wide variety of styles and colors by craftsmen with 100 years of combined experience. Everyone looks and feels sexier in a PD Kilt. Let us get you out of your pants!

Purple Passion logo Purple Passion

We sell leather, latex PVC clothing for men and women. BDSM toys corsets, boots and shoes and books.

 Unique Kink

We have a patented interchangeable system of impact heads and handles. We sell floggers and dragon tails in many colors and different types of leathers. We also fill custom orders.