Volunteer Roles

TES Fest Incident Response Team (IRT)
The TES Fest Incident Response Team are at the event to help facilitate peaceful resolutions of any conflicts, boundary violations, or consent issues that may occur at event. The IRT utilizes nonviolent dispute resolution processes to provide supportive, fair assessments of conflicts, and negotiate conflict resolutions whenever possible.  Related work experience is a must and we will inquire as to such.  (10 – 15 IRT people needed) Questions regarding volunteering should be directed to IRT@tesfest.org.

Customer Service
This position requires a friendly and a pleasant demeanor. You’ll need to have a basic idea of general layout and event specifics. You will hand out badges, put on wristbands, answer questions, and register new attendees. People that enjoy helping others are prioritized. (25 – 30 customer service people needed)

Dungeon Monitors (DM) – Safety
We need DMs. Our DM’s primary goal is safety within the play spaces and facilitating fun! You will know and uphold our dungeon rules. All applicants wishing to become a DM will have to attend periodic training prior to the event, which will be announced closer to the date. If you have relevant past experience please let us know. (20 – 30 DM – Safety people needed). Questions regarding volunteering should be directed to safety@tesfest.org.  DM Training Materials & Quiz here.

Equipment – FUCK Union Local 1313
This position requires strenuous physical movement. You must be able to lift at least 50 lbs and be comfortable using tools and some power tools. This position entails working outside in the summer heat, potentially in 90° or hotter weather.

No crafting skill are necessary. This position has specific time requirements, setting up dungeon equipment the day before the event begins and taking it down the day after it ends. You also may be asked to liaison with the Operations department during the event in setting equipment. (12 – 16 FUCK Union people needed)

Glophers (Gopher/Floaters)!
We need people that can act as drivers and floaters. You need to be able to navigate local roads and abide by local driving laws. Your main tasks will be to assist various departments as needed and/or help pickups of food and supplies. A valid driver’s license and your own vehicle are required to apply for this position.  You must also be able to fill in at any department. (2-4 Gophers needed)

This position requires physical movement. You will be part of an integral team setting up for classes, setting up the dungeon for play time, and generally setting up and breaking down different parts of the event throughout the weekend. This may include fulfilling obligations such as setting up teaching tools, setting up audio/visual tech equipment and doing head counts. Must be able to work as part of a team. Problem solving skills a plus! (3-4 operations people needed)

The goal of the security group is to maintain order within the event. You must have a clear understanding of rules of the event and uphold them. You may be tasked with checking for badges, monitoring entry points, and helping the Safety & Medical teams with their duties. All applicants wishing to become Security will have to attend training prior to the event. (20 – 30 security people needed)

Special Events/Programming
We need friendly, enthusiastic and creative people to facilitate a variety of special events and classes. Duties may include hosting speed dating, greeting people, filling water balloons for hours, and helping to run a variety of special events. Duties may also include counting the number of people in a classroom and getting supplies for presenters. Condom fairies may be necessary. (12 – 16 special events people needed)

Vending Liaison
This position assists the Vending Team in helping vendors set up and break down, helps with Vendor check-in, and helps resolve issues that arise during the course of the event. Vendor Liaisons must be able to safely lift/push 25lbs. (4 – 6 vending people needed)