What is TES?

TES is a not-for-profit organization located in NYC. The group was founded in 1971 by Pat Bond.  TES, The Eulenspiegel Society, is committed to being a reliable and valued BDSM community resource, a welcoming social environment, and a definitive educational outlet for those seeking to freely express their consensual sexuality. We lend support to and raise the consciousness of the BDSM/Kink/Fetish/Leather community.

What is TES Fest?

TES Fest is the premier event in the NYC-Metro region for everyone (from novices to seasoned veterans) to socialize, learn new skills and simply have a good time.  With custom-built inside and outside dungeons, over ninety classes, a host of vendors, and a variety of special events, TES Fest allows people to explore, educate and entertain themselves in a healthy and sane environment.  The event takes place at a 3.5-star hotel in Piscataway, NJ on July 4th Weekend.

How do I get to TES Fest?

For travel information, click here.

What is the minimum age to attend TES Fest?

This is an 18+ event. All minors will be refused entry, including infants.

I have no experience with Kink/BDSM.  Is TES Fest for me?

Absolutely! TES Fest and TES promote sexual liberation for all adults, specifically for people who enjoy consensual BDSM. We will have plenty of content directed toward novices.

Is TES Fest different from other BDSM/Leather events?

Every event is unique.  TES is an educational group and therefore focuses on gathering the best local, national and international presenters to teach on a wide range of kinky interests, skills, and experiences.

If I don’t have a partner, can I still attend TES Fest?

Though it can be nerve-wracking, please come! Many other attendees will be in the same boat, and there will be a variety of ways to meet new people at the event.  Lots of classes and activities don’t require a partner.

What should I wear?  Is there a dress code at TES Fest?

Due to health codes, nudity is not permitted in the bar and restaurant. In the lobby and hallways, please have your bits covered. In the dungeon and outdoor area, nudity is permitted.  When in contact with hotel furniture (indoor and outdoor), either you or the furniture must be properly covered (aka no genital or anal contact with the furniture). This common courtesy. Otherwise, attendees wear whatever they feel comfortable and/or sexy in. Many attendees also make sure to bring some warmer clothes for the indoor classes as the classrooms can get chilly.

Do I have to sign up for classes?

No, every class is first come, first serve.  Some classes will have attendance restrictions, so come early or you might miss out.

Does the hotel charge for parking?

Parking is free!

Does registration include my hotel room and meals?

No, each item is a separate charge.

Money is really tight right now.  Do you offer scholarships?

The easiest way to save money is to volunteer!  People who volunteer for 16 hours get a free ticket to the event. If you are unable to volunteer, scholarships will be announced in early 2024.

Is there a Meal Plan? If so what is it like?

There is a restaurant in the hotel.  Food plans will be offered, but purchasing one is not required. The hotel food is good, and there are vegetarian options. You can ask to speak to the chef if you have specific needs. Otherwise, there are plenty of food options in the local area.  https://fetlife.com/groups/13693/group_posts/6811792

Do I need to show ID? I am very private and do not want to be ‘outed’?

Yes, you are required to show a valid photo ID at the TES Fest Registration table when you check in. This is to verify the name you put on the waiver is your correct legal name.  This information is kept strictly confidential and used for no other purpose.

Does my TES Fest badge name have to match my legal name?

No, you can have whatever name you prefer on your badge. Many people have a “professional” name or “scene” name that they are known by and prefer to have that as their badge name. Keep in mind that  your badge name must not intentionally impersonate another person or a name that is considered offensive.

Will cameras be allowed in public areas?

No. TES has a no photo policy.  To ensure everyone’s security and comfort, we do not allow anyone to openly carry photographic equipment. This includes cell phones and other electronic devices. This also means that no cell phones and other electronic devices in the dungeon areas specifically. You’re welcome to check your messages and use your tablet in the hallway and other public areas of the hotel.  A sticker on the camera lens of your phone will be required.

What’s the Hotel like?

For more information about the hotel, click here.

Is the hotel really ours for the whole weekend?

From Thursday at 3:00 pm to Sunday at 3:00 pm the hotel is closed to anyone who’s not a registered TES Fest guest. Before and after those times a vanilla dress code is in effect.

What if I have to cancel?

Registrations have a refundable purchase option.
Hotel rooms will be refundable until April 30, 2024 at 11:59PM ET.  There will be a $50 transaction fee to cancel your room.
If you have booked a hotel room and would like to change your room type, you may incur a $50 transaction charge, plus the additional room type cost, if available.
If you would like to transfer your room to another registered attendee, this must be submitted to cs@tesfest.org, no later than June 1, 2024 by 11:59pm ET.  This may incur a $50 Transaction fee.

Do I need to pre-register or can I come to the event and register there?

You do need to pre-register.  There is no on-site registration.

I have more questions… I need more answers?

Then send us an email to info@tesfest.org and we will do our best to get you an answer as soon as possible.