Play Space Rules

These rules are in the process of being updated.  Final rules will be provided at the event.

TES Fest Dungeon Rules:

  1. All activities and encounters must be consensualAll attendees agree not to touch, harass, or perform any activity with someone else without obtaining their prior explicit permission. At no time should anyone feel pressured or coerced into engaging in any activity.
  2. Treat others with respect and consideration at all times.
  3. The house safeword is RED. If a safeword is called, play must be stopped immediately.  DMs will enforce if necessary.  If this is not the desired outcome do not use RED but some personalized safeword.  This is the outcome of using the RED safeword.
  4. If for any reason the bottom will be unable to offer a verbal safeword, please inform a DM ahead of time.
  5. All instructions from the DMs must be IMMEDIATELY followed; no exceptions will be granted. Immediate compliance is mandatory; questions about the DM’s instructions may be referred to the DM’s captain. The Safety Committee DM decisions are final and rendered on a case by case basis.
  6. If a DM flashes you with a flashlight you must cease all action immediately and await questions or instructions.
  7. Do not interfere in any scene without the permission of the players or touch any equipment that is not your own. If you wish to watch a scene keep a respectful (and safe) distance from the players.
  8. No cell phones, tablets, or other electronic devices may be visibly displayed. If you have to send a text message or take a call, leave the play space and use the lobby area.
  9. The following types of play are not permitted: Scat/vomit play, Fire Whips
  10. The following activities require a check-in with a DM and approval of your scene before commencing: (Consensual nonconsent scenes, Combined use of blindfolds, gags, and/or bondage, Fire play, Single Tails/Long Whips, Watersports, Electrical play: with the exception of Violet Wands and TENS Units)
  11. The following activities require a 24 hour check-in with a DM to be scheduled and approved: (Waterboarding,Takedowns/Kidnappings, Anything involving food or is particularly messy, Anything that is likely to cause a major disruption in the playspace).
  12. Kink shaming, deliberate misgendering, and other bullying is strictly prohibited. Anyone reported to be making offensive comments may be subject to disciplinary action..
  13. No Penile penetration of any orifice is permitted in the play spaces. Manual stimulation and penetration by toys (including strap-on) is allowed. Condoms must be used on all penetration toys. Gloves are required for any digital penetration. Chucks must be used whenever bodily fluids are involved in a scene.
  14. No fire play is allowed in the indoor play space. All fire play is only allowed in the courtyard if an extinguisher, fire blanket, or damp towel is present and in designated areas only. Use of accelerants (other than isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), ethanol alcohol (drinking alcohol), or butane (as found in mousse) is not allowed.
  15. Share the equipment! There is a 60 minute time limit for using any particular item. Please speak to a DM if you feel someone has had a piece of equipment too long.
  16. Clean up when you finish! Use supplies provided at cleaning stations before and after you play on the equipment.
  17. Any and all medical/blood play is restricted to the Medical area. Proper safety and clean up is required before and after. Anyone with needles (or other hardware) still in them or active bleeding is not permitted to leave the designated medical play area.
  18. Play equipment is provided by TES Fest and may not be moved. Any alterations to play space must be done by approved TES Fest personnel.
  19. Electrical play is to be no more than 6 feet from an electrical outlet. All cords must be taped completely to the floor, lengthwise, using a colored gaffing tape. You may only use GFCI cords.
  20. No Food, glass containers or alcoholic beverages are permitted in the indoor playspace.
  21. No intoxicants, anyone who is intoxicated, or otherwise under the influence will not be permitted in the play area. 
  22. Unsure if you can proceed?  Ask a DM, they are here to help.

Please speak with a Dungeon Monitor to address any questions or incidents. Our event rules are designed to ensure everyone’s health, safety, and comfort. Failure to abide by these rules may result in removal from the event without a refund. Thank you for your understanding.