Vendors 2016


The following is a list of expected vendors for TES Fest 2016. More to come.  Please Note: Vendors listed are subject to change without notice.


Anarchy4All logo


Anarchy4All offers a large and changing product line to meet your kink needs. Products range from mild to wild, offering quality products at affordable prices for whatever your fun requires. Currently, products include a wide array of paddles and knives, along with a new line of great leather floggers & kangaroo whips; in addition to acrylic, lexan, delrin, & metal canes, and other impact, medical, fire, rope & rope accessories, sex & sensation toys. There’s something for everyone, from sensual to sadistic…mostly sadistic.

bossbondage logo


it is our goal to offer the best quality rope at the best price we can. We offer hemp bondage rope in a multitude of sizes and colors. We offer three stock lengths of 15, 30, and 50 feet. In diameters of 4, 6, and 8 millimeter, as well as 3 and 5 mm cord. Currently, there are 6 colors to choose from, as well as our natural rope. We will however do custom lengths and colors for any customer on a special order basis. With over 100 base colors to choose from, the choices are nearly limitless. We make a westernized version of Japanese shibari rope. Taking what is great about Japanese hemp rope and applying a western sensibility to it. To make what, we hope, will give you years of binding pleasure.



Craig’s Cutting Edge

We are a knife, self defense and medical toy vendor. Depending on the event, we also have the availability of a line of exotic wood paddles (EMF Toys).


conzeptdezigns logo

ConZept DeZigns

Makers of fine non-nylon synthetic singletails, weighted Thuddy Buddy Massage Implements, and Kinetic Cane Synthetic Sjamboks, all of our products are cleanable, durable, latex free, and pleasing to the eye. ConZept DeZigns: Where Artistry Makes Ingenuity Dance…


Dr. Clockwork’s Home for Electrical and Medical Oddities

No one on Earth has a range of Goods as High in Quality or as Varied in Selection as Doctor Clockwork From Violet Wands to Medical Devices and all that may come between, an Adventurous Gentleman or Lady will find their Every Whim catered to under Doctor Clockwork’s care.



Industrial Disease Toys

We are Industrial DisEase Toys LLC, we design and manufacture a variety of sensation/electrical/impact toys; the triple play modular heads are made from; chain, ball-chain, manila rope, wire-rope, cable tie, electrical rope and window spline; our handles are wrapped with rubber or leather. We also make chain and ball-chain mini floggers, pvc-based furniture cbt/nipple weights; as well as steampunk clothing and accessories, such as walkingsticks/canes and parasols. We also sell leather harnesses and other interesting alternative materialled restraints. Conductive rope by the foot, illuminated canes, SAP gloves, SP light sabers and leather tool rolls.




Using the finest materials and workmanship, all work is done “in-house” to maintain the highest standards that our clients expect and trust. We design and build all our products on the premise that you will have them in your toy bag and be using them 10 or more years from now. Very few things thrill us more than seeing someone using a flogger, a cat, or MiniTail that they purchased from us years ago, and watching them have a wonderful scene. Or hearing from someone how much they enjoyed using (or being on the receiving end of) one of our products). No, We don’t have the least expensive prices. We believe you should INVEST in your implements of choice. To that end, we will continue making the highest quality products for your enjoyment at prices that are competitive in the marketplace. When you are using our products years from now, you’ll be pleased in your choice to invest wisely and purchase from PantherProwLs Enterprises. We back our products with this simple promise: if it ever fails due to materials or workmanship, we will fix it or replace it. Yes, it really is that simple


Pendragon Chainmail

If you can think it, I can link it! From shirts and bikinis, to whips and floggers, wings, jewelry and more, I hand make all of my items down to coiling and cutting my own wire to make links. All items I make have a lifetime guarantee that includes re-sizing and re-fitting of any wearable items.


Purple Passion logo

Purple Passion

We sell leather, latex PVC clothing for men and women. BDSM toys corsets, boots and shoes and books.


ZKilts logo


Based out of Baltimore, zKilts is a new kilt vendor specializing in utility kilts and tartan kilts! We offer a large selection of styles, colors, kilt lengths, and sizes. We believe that quality kilts CAN be sold at prices reasonable to all budgets. We’ve listened to you, and that price, quality, and selection are important to you. We take customer service seriously and will make certain you are happy with your purchase